We finally got some!!!  Woohoo!!!!  Snow snow snow!!!                                                                                           

 Even Teddy's water bowl has snow!

 A snowy birdcage and potting table.

 The snow melt worked on all but one section of the driveway.

 Cold on the outside but warm on the inside. Well, sort of warm in there.  I never turn my heat up beyond 55 degrees.  I like a cold house.

Snow glorious snow.  Excuse me now, I have to get naked and roll in it.


Susan said…
You should have put a warning on this post – half of my morning coffee went out through my nose at that last comment… I'm glad to see someone else enjoys a cold house. We are experiencing a winter storm - hurrah!!!!
Your enthusiasim for snow tops my list of notable things today. I am glad you are doing your happy dance. ENJOY the moment.
Post some photos of the snow angels you make, LOL!
Anonymous said…
:-) :-) :-)
I'm so happy for You :-)

Have a great day in the snow!

Gemmagirl said…
Yes there's something incredible about a snowy day. What no pics of you rolling in the snow?😢
You lucky woman! I want so much to just come up north one time like in January or February just for the snow. But David won't do it. Enjoy your Fairy Land my friend.
Mary Ann said…
UGH!!!! NO SNOW FOR ME :-) I'm glad you are loving it!
Jim said…
Got our first real snowfall as well last night.
Enjoy the snow!!
Saundra said…

I'm with you: snow is glorious, & gorgeous, and fun to make angels on.
I used to run warm like you. Now at 76, I'm cold & wearing thermals under my clothes, even in the house. At 60 I had to go out in the snow & make a snow angel. My husband laughed with me but wouldn't give it a try.
I couldn't do it naked--too many neighbors--I live at the bottom of "my" mountain.
At least put on an apron before you cook for the kids.
Have a wonderful, white day. Sandy
Just plain FANTASTIC! I think you're funnin' us about the naked roll in the snow though....then again...
1st Man said…
Yay for you!!! I know you've been anxiously awaiting "real" snow, ha. And I see why as usual, it's SO beautiful. And those last two pictures, I love how the white of the snow contrasts to the warmth behind the windows (even if it is 55, LOL!).

Would you believe we got to 87 the other day? EIGHT FREAKIN SEVEN!!!!! Sigh.