The Way We Were

 I am extremely photo phobic.  I mostly always have been.  I think it's from having a dead family.  Looking back is deeply painful to me.  I've never been good at organizing photos either.  The ones I have are mostly stuck in cookbooks and drawers.  This morning I was rooting through a kitchen drawer and found these.  Baby Teddy!  Even at this age she looks like a badass.

 Oh and this chow chow butt and tail.  So cute!

 This is a pic of our family with baby Freddy, our first chow. The Blog Tech looks like someone put a bowl on his head to get that haircut.  And yes, I am wearing one of those goofy Halloween sweaters. 

And this is a real blast from the past!  This is my daughter and Jaromir Jagr's (hockey player) dad in front of his house in Kladno, Czech republic.


Valerie said…
Thanks for sharing photos of Teddy, et al. So sweet when they are pups.
Susan said…
What formidable chunky monkey! I love seeing other people's photos but loathe any of me.
Wonderful memories, I'm sure. Chows are sweet, whatever their age.Teddy rocks back then too.
Great photos! Cool to see JJ's dad and your daughter!
I love old photos. Thank the Goddess there aren't too many of me. I'm very unphotogenic so I make sure there are no photos of myself. It's not that I'm ugly, it's just that I think cameras lie. AAahahahaaaa!
Anonymous said…
Cute Teddy! She looks like a tiny bear :-)

I've always avoided the camera too, I much rather stand behind it taking the photo :-)

Have a great day!

Gemmagirl said…
I hate being in pictures as well. I managed to avoid being photographed at my sons wedding. Looking back I think that was a mistake on my part. I love your family picture. For some reason, I never pictured you that way. You're adorable.
greekwitch said…

You are such a beautiful family!!!
Guillaume said…
I love family pictures. We don't have enough of our family yet, because it's either my wife or me who take photos. Oh and it's a great Halloween jumper.
Old photos are such a treasure but, like you, I can become very melancholy looking through them.
Mystica said…
Thank you for sharing.
Joyce..there was something about seeing you, even an old picture, that struck me. Made me cry. I know, silly, but it was you! The woman I have never met, never will and love to pieces! Thanks for posting that picture. It meant a lot to me. Seeing Teddy as a baby was neat too.. I've only seen your husband on the TV interview..and he looks the same as in the picture. I am doing better. I'm trying.
Kay said…
Gorgeous family and Teddy was an adorable little puppy.
Mary Ann said…
It's good to see you, and such happy family pictures!

My parents had a tiny little brownie, and maybe ONE time a year we took pictures, so I have only two pictures of my whole family together, and very, very few of my mom and dad. (More of mom, who lived longer). I miss them so, but can see them in my mind's eye.