A Garden Totem

 I haven't made a garden totem in a long time.  Not for the lack of not liking to make them; I love to make them.

 Rather, I ran out of people to give them to.

 I bet I gave 30 of them away when I was making them all the time.

 I had a lot of trouble getting a good shot of this one and now it's gone so these pics are as good as it gets.

 This one is comprised of 13 pieces.

 And it sure was fun to make.

 I placed a Lenox porcelain duck in the lower globe and a vintage Italian Capodimonte flower basket in the upper globe.

All of the pieces were purchased at thrift stores and the entire totem cost 10.00 to make.  These can stay out all year except for winter.  I use all weather glue so rain doesn't bother them.  These look so pretty placed in the center of an outdoor dining table.  Though, I have been known to scatter them throughout my raised beds.


I like the combination of clear and frosted glass!
Linda said…
I saw a blog with those on them some time ago, and I forgot I was going to make me one. Now, I will. I love those.
Rain said…
Hi Joyce :)) Those are beautiful! Thrift stores are a gold mine, congratulations on the finds, that's a nice hobby. I find a lot of the hobbies can get so expensive so I avoid them, but I have to walk into the next bazaar with my creative eyes open to new possibilities.
Jim said…
I can see them picking up the light in the garden......good idea.
Gemmagirl said…
Lovely arrangement. I particularly like the Capodimonte. The flowers are so delicate. Well done.
Guillaume said…
A totem of glass? Original.
Adam said…
looks pretty cool
They are indeed, wonderful. I have a fairy garden started for my grandkids under a weeping mulberry tree. I believe it needs one of these glass totems.
Kay said…
I'm so impressed! You are so very artistic.