A Spring Walk

 Everything is waking up in my gardens.  I should be used to this by now but each Spring I am amazed when I see everything coming up.

 Teddy comes along for a look.  My poor pup is getting old.  She can't hear or see very well anymore.  Though her hearing might just be selective because she still seems to hear the word 'treat' clearly.  She has a bladder infection and it's a real chore to get her to take the pills.  The antibiotics make her stomach sick too which makes her even more resistant to taking them. Old dogs break hearts.

 If you look closely, you will see ramps!  Woohoo!!!

 Soon this area will be filled with perennials.

 More ramps.  Click for a closer look.

 Not much happening in the lower garden yet.  You can see a mirror chain front and center.


 My poor fish are water deprived.  We have a leak which we haven't been able to locate yet and the water is low.


The flox will be blooming soon on the steps.
The Fall flowering cherry is doing it's Spring bloom.  Allergy time!


Oh, the miracle of Spring!
Dee said…
Our old dog has bladder problems or leakage and the only way we can get her to t ake her pills is to make turkey meatballs with a pill inside. I put them in the freezer and take them out 2 days at a time and let them thaw and the pill is soft! She loves them. Will not take a hard pill. Also, vet prescribed a treat for urinary tract problems containing cranberry and it has worked very well. Took about 2 weeks but no leaking! She gets a proin in meatball twice a day and the cranberry treat once a day. Hope this info helps.
Susan said…
OMG. How did you get ramps to grow for you? I am still tramping around in the woods for mine. Yes, old dogs break hearts, but there is NOTHING like an old dog. They are so true. Your gardens are so lovely. It must be so soothing to walk through them, watching the different plants arrive.
OLD pets do indeed break hearts. it's hard to see them suffer through the same things we face as we age. your gardens are beautiful with or without the greenery and blooms. those 'ramps' have my heart a flutter because i know how much you love them. and if i had some i would too.
My Robinhood roses are blooming like crazy. I love Spring when the flowers bloom.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad to see that Your ramps are doing so well! Your garden is a bit ahead of what is happening here but not as much as it usualy is, I guess it'll slow down here nbow when it will ge a bit colder again.

Have a great day!

Rain said…
Hi Joyce :) You have such a wonderful garden. I can't wait to see it all in full bloom! I feel your heartache, I'm sure many of us have. I had a 19 year old pug who lost sight and hearing but I just held him closer to me and he became a "purse dog" for me lol....he still had his spirit though, they are so tough and sweet. :)
Anonymous said…
Hope Teddy feels better soon. I hate it when the animals aren't doing well.

Your gardens are expansive. Don't know how you manage to keep it all cared for, unless you have staff. I'm always saying that my yard could look so much better if I had staff.
Adam said…
The thing I hate about hot weather is that hornets love my doors for some reason.
I meant to mention Teddy in my letter. I saw the picture and suddenly realized how much time has passed since we met in our blogs and spoke of our precious girls. I know how you feel knowing she is ill and not feeling well. I hope she gets better soon. I don't know why they have to die..or why humans do either. You asked me that question and I don't have an answer. I wish I did. I suppose it's the circle of life. It just is! It's such a hard thing to go through, death. Now at eighty I can see how near the end is..and I can remember a time when I did not know anyone who had died. Except of course my great grandmother and I didn't know her well at all. Now..there are so many that have gone. Two beloved children and the love of my life for 43 years, and then again I lost my second husband. Friends that I have known all my life..Aunts and Uncles, so many are all gone and there is no answer. Pain seems to be as much a part of life as happiness is. It comes in a package. In the meantime we find joy in the little things in life and try not to let these troubled times steal the good from us. Not an easy task...I know.
I insist on enjoying this Springtime and feel blessed I'm experiencing it with friends like you.
Guillaume said…
I love walks. My favourite are of course Autumn walks, but Spring walks are nice too.
Cottage Tails said…
I just love spring and how everything is waking up. Your garden is looking wonderful, I always love the tours you take us on.
Poor Teddy ((HUGS))
Rue said…
You are ahead of us here in the north-west. But we are closing in. The snow has melted and the rains have come, waking the green. I love to see all the bits popping up everywhere!

Poor Teddy. Much love to her. My cat Dex is aging too, and we've discovered he has diabetes. So it's two shots a day for him. We sure love these furry ones enough, don't we? I hope the infection passes soon and she is right as rain again.