An Alpine Village

 Years ago The Blog Tech and I stumbled across this little jewel on one of our trips.  We were thrilled to stumble upon it again on our sugar shack outing.  This is a little artisan village built under beautiful towering pines.

 I'll have to check out what they do here for Xmas because we saw remnants of the creche. 

 It is truly a storybook setting.

Most places were closed but the pottery shop was open.  I would love to be turned loose in this place.  I love throwing pots though I'm not all that good at it.  I have been thinking about taking some more classes at some point.

 This is  a metal working cottage but it was closed.

 Click to enlarge and read the sign above the closed sign.  They were closed for a good reason!

 Thankfully, the wood workers cottage was open.  I am such a sucker for handmade wood items.  This board shows the types of exotic woods the wood worker uses.

 My DIL fell in love with this lazy susan so I bought it for her. It was made with all of the above woods.

 I loved everything.  Look at that bowl!

And this burl.  Omg, it is so beautiful.  The price tag is 2000.00!
I bought myself this very heavy duty pizza cutter.


Darlene said…
What a delightful little village. The hardwoods are exquisite! It would be difficult to make a selection.
Rain said…
What a nice place to visit :) That lazy susan is a work of art, nice buy! I've always wanted to take a pottery class too. When I was a wee gal, I took a ceramics class, but it was kids stuff and I can't remember much of it, I probably made lots of ash trays lol...I'd love the be a pottery gal though.
Anonymous said…
It would be fun ti find a similar place here but I doubt we have one :-) I saw a lot of things I would like to buy the day I win the lottery :-) They are usually pretty expensive but then again with all that work put in to it they're actually quite cheap.

I enjoyed yesterdays post too!

Have a great day!

I embiggened your photo and read the sign. Good to know that SOMEONE is off saving the earth!
Rain said…
Debra, nice to know your have Springfield vocabulary down pat!!! Embiggened lol...that got me :)
Susan said…
What a wonderful place! The woodworking is beautiful. Shouldn't we all be off saving the Earth? :)
Anonymous said…
What a magical little place to visit. Yes, you must go back at a time when the place is bustling, if that ever happens.
Guillaume said…
Pure fairyland. Lovely pictures and I know I sound like a broken record.
What a quaint, charming place. You always find the best places to visit, tucked away off the beaten path.
1st Man said…
You have the neatest places to explore. Thanks for sharing!!!!
Kay said…
Wow! $2000! That's beautiful but pricey. It is definitely a work of art. That lazy susan is just gorgeous!
Hi Joyce...sorry I haven't been visiting lately. The bowl is amazing. You and the Tech do find the best places on your foray's into the countryside. :)