Another Sugar Shack

 For someone like me that never wants Winter to leave, these sugar shack trips are the last hurrah before Spring moves in. No matter how warm it is at home, the sugar shacks seem to always still have snow at this time of year.  I get my last snow fix.

 A nice old Ford tractor.

 The shopping area.  The shacks sell everything they make.  A lot of shacks now sell maple cotton candy and this year we bought our first maple peanut butter.

 Maple shots anyone?  Each sugar shack offers samples of all of the grades of maple syrup they make.  You can taste everything from the lightest grade A (mild) to the darkest amber (robust).  It used to be that the lightest was the most expensive and the most popular.  You could buy the dark syrup very cheap.  Not anymore!  People have caught on that the dark syrup is more concentrated and has a better flavor.  Right now, all the grades are priced equally.

 More awards.

 I would like to have a maple syrup window in my house.

 Vintage syrup tins.

 On the way home we stopped at a wonderful pottery shop.

 Be still my heart.  I love pottery.

 They were selling insect hotels which impressed The Blog tech since he built one for the community he works in last year.

I was so good.  I didn't buy any pottery though it was tough walking away from it.


Susan said…
I'm afraid that maple syrup window would be empty in no time at my house. I love living right smack-dab in the middle of sugaring country. I trot up the hill to the neighbor for my annual supply. I doubt if I could have resisted that pottery. It's lovely.
Anonymous said…
I wish we had something like those Sugar Shacks here but birch syrup is just too rare here.

I'll buy an insects hotel this year or if I remember it make one myslef. WE have lots of solitary bees who loves them and they are great pollinators so they are good to have close to the garden.

Have a great day!

Sounds like you all had lots of maple syrup fun again this year!
Hula La said…
Oh is definitely Maple Syrup time...and I LOVE POTTERY! I would never get out of that place! I have to touch every little piece! Aloha!
Guillaume said…
I really want to go to a cabane à sucre reading your posts.
Linda said…
YUM! These syrup posts are great. I add maple syrup to peanut butter to spread it on bread. Is that the same thing? Blue pottery is irresistible!
I bet those vintage tins are fun to look through. Neat stuff you encounter on your trips.
Linda said…
What is an insect hotel? I know about the roach motels where "they check in but they don't check out." It seems this insect hotel is not to kill the insects.
Rain said…
I love pottery too. There is a little festival here yearly called 1001 Pots. I just love going! Those vintage maple syrup tins are lovely. So glad you're enjoying the maple harvest! :)