I'm posting this comment which was left on my last post just in case any of you missed reading it.  I'm posting it for a number of reasons.  The first reason is that I think we all need to see how "the other side" thinks.  I think it is good for us to try to understand how others justify The Troll's actions.  I'm also posting it because I was in no way speaking politically, though I certainly could.  I was speaking about something close to my heart.  I am in the trenches with these kids every day so I speak from knowledge, not just emotionally which this comment accuses me of, as if it's the wrong place to be coming from. It also questions that what I do isn't the right approach...I should be out in the community telling parents how to be good parents?  WOW!  I'm sure that would work out really well.  Assuming that these children are where they are because of bad parenting is a very bigoted remark whether or not you think of yourself that way. The biggest reason why I am posting this is because I am really sick and tired of the fact that the people that leave nasty comments on blogs are always the ones that have no link back to themselves.  It's so easy to be brave when you don't have to show your face.  I never mind someone disagreeing with me. It's actually always an opportunity to learn something.  I just don't suffer cowards well. So, for all of you blog bottom dwellers...grow a pair.

Here it is in all it's glory:

Blogger lynney62 said...
I have followed your blog for almost 6 years and so enjoyed all of your postings. I was sad to see your post today. You see, I live in Illinois, a "Flyover" State I'm sure you've probably never visited. I am one of "those horrid, ignorant, stupid, uneducated, racist, anti-semitic, LGBT hating people who "clings to their guns and religion"" who voted for President Trump. But you see, you don't know me at all! Because you never tried to know me. One of my very best friends is gay and lives happily in a gay relationship...One of my closest relatives is happily in an inter-racial marriage with a precious multiracial child... But you don't wish to know me, a person who wants America to be safe, secure, strong, and full of opportunity for all who come here "legally" and live according to the Laws of our Constitution and country. Also, you don't seem to see the HUGE debt that our last 6 Presidents and paid politicians have placed on you, myself and our children....You don't seem to see how each State would be more able to manage programs such as yours through cutting other programs of free education, food stamps, etc to "Illegals" that drain our State and Federal Budgets Why is it okay for some who come here to do so "illegally" when so many have come here "legally" and made our country great..What does this say to those folks who worked hard to come following our laws? And how can we call ourselves free without having those laws? ....I admire all of your work and time given to these inner city children...But I ask you...Would you give some time to work in those areas to teach women how to be good mothers, teach men how to be responsible fathers..work in your local government to bring prosperous economy, new businesses, jobs, to those people....Then programs like yours would not be so needed. Families could be reestablished to work together to grow for a better life. I'm doubtful you will really understand what I'm trying to say......I understand how different many of us are......You live through "feelings"....I live through "reality" and looking at the very long term for my child..I want America to stay a free country with Laws that keep us free.....Don't worry...I won't bother you again...And I won't be reading your blog daily anymore...I just have a hard time with the way you spoke about our President...If I had spoken that way about President Obama, I would have been called a "hate monger and a racist"...But life, sadly, is full of double standards.............................


Reader said…
I wonder what kind of "reality" you can live in without feelings. Love your blog, and see the love in all those delicious meals you prepare. Whether those kids have parents working multiple jobs just to pay the bills, or parents escaping the hard realities of being unable to provide, I hope you keep doing what your heart tells you is right.
DoubleUpFarm said…
I have spent a lot of time researching over the last few weeks, because I have been so impressed with the constant outreach you perform, and the depth of your commitment. And also, you are an incredible cook and many of your recipes have graced my table.

I think I am on of those on "the other side". I don't think I'm a troll, I genuinely want to understand all sides of the issue. I am constantly distressed by the lashing out of people on both sides of these issues, and although I try not to take personally the horrible things people say to me without even knowing me, I do take it personally. I grew up poor, and for a while benefited from the school lunch program. I grew up and worked, and did without for many years to make sure I could take care of myself, and my family. I believe it is my responsibility to help people who cannot provide for themselves, and that includes children and the elderly. But that doesn't mean I have to agree with the way it is being done. I have spent too much time on the other side, seeing the abuse of these programs and wondering why there was not better oversight.

When I look at the list of programs, the sheer volume of money being spent in overhead dictates that some of these programs need to be reduced, or combined, or re-evaluated. In general, I believe communities need to take care of their needy citizens, not the federal government. So while I cannot really address how the current budget proposal is being allocated (I don't have a copy of it), looking at the number of programs tells me that some of them need to be rethought. I think these all came out of the right place - helping children - but, we need to take a step back and make better use of our resources. We cannot just keep throwing money at the problem - we have been doing that for a long time, and the problem seems to be getting worse.
Federal Child Nutrition Programs include, but are not limited to -
Summer Food Service Program (SFSP);
Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC);
School Breakfast Program (SBP) ;
National School Lunch Program (NSLP) ;
Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) At-Risk Afterschool;
Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP);
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP);
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program;
Special Milk Program.
Linda said…
Google her name and you can find her. I did.

Maybe if politicians were not being paid full salary and full medical benefits years after leaving office, we could afford to feed people.

I added you to my blog roll yesterday.
practical parsimony
Anonymous said…
We on trhe othger side of the ocean still wonder how someone like Trump could be elected??!! Now he hit those who have the least.

He also made a fool of himself while visiting Germany, now we all see Angela Merkel as the worlds leader.

River said…
Not all communities have these programs... and not all children qualify for them either..
Its not a black or white situation ...
There's a reason why its getting worst... wages are not going up... but everything else is..
There is no hand up anymore.. no compassion ..
I'm an ex welfare Mother of two grown children.. do want to know what got me off welfare?
It was a Federal and state program that with the help with local businesses .. help trained women on welfare .
For 12 weeks we were in class to make sure we had at least a 9th grade grasp on spelling,math and such.. to make sure we knew how to do a resume and to prep for job interview..
While we were in the program we were give a travel expenses for either bus or gas ... and a little bit for lunch ..
Our daycare was paid for ... so we didn't have worry about who was going watch our kids while training .
You didn't come to class you didn't get your money for lunch/travel/daycare plain and simply ..
After 12 weeks.. then local businesses would take you in for more training..
I ended up in at a local hospital in their file room ...
After another 8 weeks the business that was training you had the option to either hire you or send you on your way ... either way they got a tax break for helping out .. and a bigger tax break if they hired you..
They hired me .. and I haven't been on welfare since.. and that's been 24 years ago..
Great program right?
Well a year after I finished.. The Gov't de funded it .. something that worked .. oh we can't have that ..

I've also be part of the working poor.. trying to decided if I can afford medication for myself or buy gros. for my kids...
Made too much for assistance and not enough to live on ..

Now days where I live young people don't have a chance.. Not when you have to work 2 jobs just to pay the rent... and nothing more..
A apartment in Nashville.. one bedroom are going for 1,200.00 a month ... forget about a house..
And if your working you don't qualify for Section 8 and if you do .. there's a waiting list a long waiting list..

Young people today don't have the chances we did ( not knowing how old you are ) not even close..
and its getting worst..

and don't get me started on insurance.. it wouldn't be pretty .

Yes things have to change .. re done ...but you don't take one crumb of a child's mouth ..or the elderly...
You don't do what this Gov't is hellbent on doing.. period...

If as a person thinks taking away a meal from a child or a elder person is OK .. that person is not ok.. inside and out ..

Former Welfare Mom

Valerie said…
What most [Trump-republican] people don't seem to realize is that the programs to help those less fortunate are just a drop in the bucket compared to the massive corporate welfare and subsidies that are paid to big oil and other corporations that now effectively control our government. The corrupt orange Republican POS spends millions on his golf weekends, plus we are paying the tab for his wife to live in her golden tower in New York, and for his children to ski in Aspen. Talk about welfare queens!!! The corrupt Republicans have effectively demonized the poor, destroyed the middle class, and are hell-bent on destroying America. The greed involved is breathtaking. And it is true: the LOVE of money is root of all evil.

I admire and appreciate your generosity to these kids. Sometimes just knowing that someone cares enough to make you food is a huge inspiration.

Blessed be!
Mei said…
I have also been reading your blog for a long time. I read the post about the food programs. I read it as a heartfelt statement from someone who is doing the most that you can for other people in need. I also read the "lynney62" comment. It is written as an US vs Them post.

Our country is not unsafe, although that is what plenty of people would like us to think. They would like us to look at "Them" and be fearful. Fearful that we might be hurt, fearful that someone is taking resources we may need. This simply not the case in America. We ae safe, and the way to increase our feelings of safety and well being is to get to know our community. You can't fear those you are connected to.

I live in a small town in the suburbs of Boston. Boston is not historically know for it's diversity. We have many different groups of people but they each occupy their own neighborhoods. One thing that I love about my town and my daughter's public school is that we have families from ALL over the world. 21 countries represented and many, many, languages spoken in people's homes. Because of this diversity and because we are friends with all kind of people we have had opportunities we would not have had otherwise. Our eyes have been opened to "Them". Once you get involved it can not longer be Us vs Them. That sentiment turns to the fact that we are all part of a community and have to all do our part to keep our community healthy.

Hopefully the person who wrote that comment can get involved in some way, maybe a bit out of her comfort zone, hopefully she can open her mind to people different than herself and see them as fellow community members deserving of her compassion and even friendship.
lynda said…
I guess the enormous amount of money spent to keep the wife in NYC daily, and the weekends in Florida, that could cover the budget cuts, are not an issue to some people....
River said…

Rest a sure that most of America is does not support this man.. and its pretty clear by the political activism that has sprung up since Jan.
I have been amazed..
This is one thing good I've seen come out this whole situation.. Folks in Americans are waking up. Maybe we need this slap in the face we needed .. we've become too lazy ... to willing to let things "slid" by.. too dumbed down in how our country works..

We are a young country..sometimes too proud for our own good.. But its time for us to grow up .. find our compassion again.. our soul ..
For EVERYONE not just the few ..

We just ask the world to be patience with us as a country ... our system is experiment .. it not perfect .. but we do have check and balances that are in place that hopefully will not let this man or Administration destroy who we are completely and as long as they are in place the maybe we can survive this ..
We will come out it batter and brushed and unfortunately so will the rest of the world.. but just maybe.. just maybe we will come out a better Union
we will find out soul again..

River said…
sorry for the spelling and typos .. typing waaaaaaaaaay too fast lol
Mary said…
I read Linnley's comment and it did make me gasp. I felt like I ( you) was being attacked.. I always remember all these programs may not help or apply to me now but there is someone in this country whose very life may depend on them. I admit I am all for helping yourself out of bad at difficult situations. That being said a six year old or a 96 year old does not have the ability to do this on their own. We all need help and this is what the USA does best, we help everyone.
Susan said…
Well, I guess the fact that she has a gay friend and knows a biracial couple makes her an expert on the plight of the poor and disenfranchised. If Trump and his cronies paid the appropriate level of taxes we wouldn't have to take food out of the mouths of the most vulnerable.
Anonymous said…
Because I am trying to understand the trump supporters, I copied and pasted lynne 62's comment into a word document so I can look at it and analyze it and share with others, who like me, just cannot understand how the trump supporters think.

We must understand their thinking, though, if we are to be able to construct arguments against it. I keep reading that it was a lack of understanding of this group of voters that got trump elected. trump seemed to hear them and buy into their rhetoric, not something I'm advocating for, and that's how he got elected. What can we do differently to help these people who think they have been overlooked?
Blaming the poor for their poverty relieves the blamer from any sense that they should extend a helping hand of assistance. It's one of the oldest forms of rationalization in the world. Still going strong in Trump's America and wherever neoconservative values reign.
It's truly sad that many people just don't understand. I wish you could go on with the after school program that you have. It not only fills those kids minds but their hearts and bellies. You are doing the world so much good. I didn't make a mistake in saying world my dear. You ARE doing the WORLD good in what you and the Blog Tech are providing for those children. They are learning what love, kindness, respect, and charity really are. Many children don't get the kind of care that you are providing. I am so sad that this will soon end because of trump and his stupid idea that we need a stronger military more than strong, healthy and smarter children in America. I wish we could have kept Obama as our president longer than just the 2 terms. But wishing doesn't solve everything.
Sorry if I misspelled anything or got anything wrong. I'm heavily medicated today.
Just Ducky said…
If you need a laugh:



I'm waiting for the Troll to implode.
Adam said…
The problem with the right-wing is that most of their believers are in denial about their hate

you can't say you have gay "friends" but spit on LGBT rights.

people can be racist and still have inter-racial people in their family/friends circle. My grandmother never liked black people (she's a proud Christian republican btw) and she told me on the way to my brother's wedding (to a black woman) that God intended a white woman for him and a black man for her and that she was having such hard time going to the wedding. She still stayed in the picture and tries to be a great-grandmother to their daughter, but she's still racist. She may not be 1865 racist, but she's still the way she always was.

Just like the folks who claim the Civil War wasn't about slavery. States rights? Funny there was one thing they wanted their states to give them the right to do...oh that's right own people.

And some depolorables believe that "racism doesn't exist" unless you are part of the "new black panthers" or "black lives matter"

I do find it funny when they claim they aren't racist/homophobic whatever when they mention a politician they like that is black, gay, or whatever.

Uncle toms exist for every type of group of people.

People like Herman Cain, Ben Carson, and SC's senator Tim Scott are black men but they vote and act like white supremacists. Trumpettes love these guys.

Same thing with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio when it comes to Latinos. They are no friend to the common Hispanic person.

Then we have Milo Yiannopoulos who is a gay (and very flamboyant) Greek-British person of Jewish ancestry. He worked for the far-right Brietbart and say things that are anti-Semitic, mocks transgender people, and thinks gay people should go back into the closet. Republicans love this guy because he hates what he is apparently. Though I do believe this guy is a huge troll trying to bank on being the uncle tom of the gay community.

And in terms of religion we have S.E. Cupp who is a conservative pundit but also an atheist. Non-religious people tend to up on the left-wing but she goes as far as saying she wishes to be a "person of faith" one day. No real atheist would say that. But I bet you she'd have applause at a GOP rally.

The reason they like them is the same reason we like Republicans who defect against a president. Like I loved hearing a guy say that Republicans have gone off the far-right from what they were decades ago and Trump has gone so far off the spectrum that he's in another universe.
We are a divided nation and have been for quite awhile. Unfortunately, hate is now more obvious and accepted in many circles. There is no penalty for lying or defaming others. Racism and sexism seems to be growing instead of disappearing. We have made many advances in the past 70 years but now are going backwards. Greed has taken the place of empathy. Why is this? This has happened before with horrendous consequences and we seem to be heading down that road.

I do believe that we should look at programs and where there is waste (and there is that in many cases), it should be addressed. However, when that Senator (or rep) said that Meals on Wheels gave little benefit, the hair on the back of my neck went up. Feeding people who are old and in need of assistance has no benefit? Feeding hungry children has no benefit? Where is there soul? They call themselves Christian but they think building a wall to keep out non-white people is more important that feeding the disadvantaged in this country. Have they not read the Beatitudes? We are headed down a dark path and at this point, I feel little optimism.
Guillaume said…
Someone who thinks it's ok to take away food from children's mouths is morally depraved, plain and simple. Oh and f*ck that Swine Trump and the creatard he has as a VP.
Guillaume said…
Holy crap I just noticed that lynney62 is the troll who commented on my own blog a while back: https://vraiefiction.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/a-filthy-joke-to-cheer-you-up.html

Debby said…
It's unreal that a reader would leave a comment like that. They seem to be out of touch with the real world.
I understand that some voters couldn't vote for Hillary and wanted a change. But I could never vote for someone with no morals.
Someone that our country pays for security for three residents and for a large extended family. It blows my mind the amount of money that is spent.
I know your meals to the after school program are funded out of your pocket. As a directory (past) of a before and after school program, eliminating these services are hard to take. I do hope that people like you will step up and help support these cut backs for our children and our elderly.
We have really gone backwards in our country's beliefs. There is so much hate. I'm sorry for those that think Trump's is being mistreated. For 8 years I listened to the nasty comments about The Obama family. For that reason I don't feel bad at all. But I do feel sorry for this man's young son and wife.
Oh for the record, I am an independent, have friends of all races, including mixed families, and friends that are gay .
I have also adopted and raised one of those children that won't be getting any of the services that are so needed.
And, I can sleep at night.

So sorry that someone left you that message. I've followed you for a long time. You are such a generous and kind person. Hugs
River said…
I'm not trying to pick on this person.. but I just went to her Twitter account .. omg... yeah.. don't even try to understand this ones POV .. I think she's living in in her own "alt" reality ..
Marsha said…
I knew I didn't need to read further after reading ". . . as "Flyover" State I'm sure you've never visited." Sureness about something you can't possibly be sure about is a dead giveaway to truly dreadful and disingenuous reasoning, even when it is dressed up to appear mature and thoughtful. And the statement "But you don't wish to know me" does seem a bit cute coming from someone who does not provide a link through which you could come to know that person.
LEfting said…
I love your blog, I love your commitment to the children of your area, and I love that you give SO much of your time to those very lucky kids; and I thank you for it. I think it's sad that the Trump supporters (can't even say "Republicans" because so many Republicans are appalled by his actions)
think it is ok to cut programs like Meals on Wheels (my husband has delivered them here in Canada for 15 years and sees the real, everyday need for them), after school programs, and food programs such as yours. And yet there is $30 MILLION dollars available to guard the Trump hotel just that so his son doesn't have to change schools midterm.
I read that readers response and thought she was a very sad individual, judging you without even knowing you, I would be interested to hear what she has done to support the less fortunate in her community, she was quick to suggest that you should do more (educating parents!) I thought she was so judgemental and bitter. Hopefully this is the end of it, hopefully she reads your response and learns from it, and hopefully she signs up tomorrow to help out in her area! Thank you again for everything you do.
Herbalgirl said…

That old "one of my best friends is gay" remark nearly made me spew my coffee. The oldest cliche in the book. Her comment is built upon far-reaching generalizations and offensive assumptions. "You live through feelings" WHAT? WHAT? Surely cooking for all those kids -- shopping for the food, cooking the food, delivering the food, day after day -- is as rooted in reality as is humanly possible. You can't "feel" an after-school meal program into existence. The personal is most certainly the political as your anger attests, and you have every right to vent this on your blog. You are indeed in the trenches (and doing a damned fine job). x
Gemmagirl said…
I live across the border but even from up here many of us live in dread and sadness to what is happening to America. I loved coming to the beautiful USA, but alas not for the next four years. Again, I marvel at your dedication and love for the poor of your community. With your example, your own children will be beacons for the next generation.
God bless you
Diana from Canada
carol pavlik said…
So many thoughtful comments. But I fear this divide is here to stay, for many reasons. I just feel one thing very strongly and that is we have to feed the children.
Sol said…
We also have programmes like this over here in the UK. The governments make the cuts, but that money is swallowed by something else and never accounted for. All of this only hurts the children. I read your blog and rarely comment. I think you are amazing cooking all of this food for the children. You make a difference to them that is felt every time they eat your food. And know that someone is looking out for them. Their parents for all everyone knows, could be holding down 2 or 3 jobs each and still not be making enough to maintain a family. They could be lone parents, who are on hard times.

I hope that someone campaigns locally for you, or that the community becomes aware of your programmes work.

Regards Sol
carol pavlik said…
Jaz perhaps the Blog Tech could give his kids encouragement to write a letter to the governor expressing what this after school program has meant to them. This administration seems to think the only results that count are on a spread sheet.
TrayceeBee said…
Just stumbled upon your blog today while blog "surfing". Thank you for the work you do! And for being so gracious under the pressure of trolls. I look forward to trying to catch up on your back posts and can't wait to see your posts in the future.
Megs said…
Joyce, I've followed your blog forever, used many of your wonderful recipes. I don't post much because I tend to blurt out whatever in my comments. I read that comment yesterday and wrote a comment, but didn't post. I see this person has a history. I was taken aback to think that she was judging you, yet read so much that wasn't there in your post. Projection, anyone? Also, I think you operate in reality better than most people. It's not an either/or proposition. You can have feelings and reality. In fact, dysfunctional people squash down feelings. Also, I have worked with disadvantaged kids for years, and with their families. The idea that we should be telling poor women how to be good mothers is stunningly uninformed. I guess if you assume all poor women are bad mothers, like all Mexicans belong to cartels, and all Fox News reports would make Edward R.Morrow proud, it would make sense. I really worry about this country, because this person may just see this as attacking her, because she is so much more of a victim and deserving of our pity than those hungry, poor kids.
Megs said…
I live in the same state as Joyce, and our current governor, Govenor Wolf, does not want to cut programs. I'm just hopping that he can be reelected. We have a guy who calls Trump his mini-me who will be running against our governor. In this climate, its hard to know what would happen.
You donate your time and no doubt spend your money to help make this difference in these kids lives. That's all that matters. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE. You give them hope for a better tomorrow and that is all that matters, no matter what someone else says.