My Winter 2017

 I think this is my winter.  Notice, my snow melt is finally working.  Little victories.

 I guess we got a couple of inches.

 I'll take what I get but this might be winter for this year.

 Teddy chooses to admire it from the comfort of the inside.  Not that she minds the cold but god forbid a chow chow has to step on anything damp.  She will plow straight into a lake to swim but a bit of dampness on any surface is her kryptonite.

 From the front porch.

 Only the street lights can be seen.

 I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

View from the back porch.  Tomorrow we are off to our first maple festival...YES!!!!


sandra said…
The street lights look so pretty in the snow setting :}. Enjoy!
Susan said…
It looks so lovely! I am waiting for our next expected snowfall - next week. I wish it would just make up it's mind, this weather. Either be winter or be spring.
Rain said…
The photos are beautiful :) That's funny about Teddy...our husky Marlene will jump into the lake winter or summer, but she won't come near the bathtub when it's bath day lol...Oh gosh, ENJOY your maple festival!!! Hoard! Hoard! ;)
Mary said…
Here is RI we had the same 'pretty' snow. My husband says he could take this sort of storm all winter. Nothing stuck to street or more importantly the driveway. Funny yesterday photos and today.....
Anonymous said…
Our snow is almost gone now :-) I'm glad You got some before it really gets hot where You live!

Have a great day!

I'm jealous as usual. I miss the snow so much. Y'all are supposed to get more snow next week. Or just the tail end of it.
ENJOY your winter wonderland. The storms just skirted us. Teddy looks adorable seeing the snow from a distance.
1st Man said…
Oh my gosh, this just happened? Y'all had all the snow? WOW! It's beautiful. And you were just outside in nice warm weather! Wow, the weather is indeed screwed up isn't it?
We have snow in the forecast for mid Missouri. I would throughly enjoy the stillness and the snowflakes falling. We shall see. Your photos are so beautiful. I do love snow and all it's glory.
Guillaume said…
Gorgeous pictures.
Wow it has been very spring like here today with temps up to 20C!! Cheers Diane