St. Patrick's Day for the After School Kids

 I made halushki for the kids for St. Patty's Day. has cabbage!  This year's kids are slightly pickier than last year and I just couldn't think of anything Irish that I thought they all would like.  But they love halushki so that's what I made.

 Since I am now cooking for the group in the new town as well as the original group, it limits me somewhat,  I made 25 quarts.

 And I made them 60 individual trifles.

 These are made by layering chopped oreos, chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding and whipped cream.  The are topped with a sprinkling of chopped thin mint cookies.  Some kids ate 3 of them.

Packed up and ready to go.  The slow cooker is for the smaller group.  The larger group got a roaster full of it.  One of the trickiest things about cooking for so many is transporting the food. 


"Something Irish" -- anything with potatoes?
Rain said…
Those trifles look really good! I made some last Christmas and they are delicious, I made mine with raspberry jam. I think I need to make more soon! I think we're just having some Irish coffees for St-Patrick's day. I had a potato dish planned, but we're both kind of cheesed-out lately so we might just have a lighter meal!
Anonymous said…
That looks just delicious! and so did the food in yesterdays post even if it was tofu :-)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said…
You do excellent work.

As for cooking for a crowd, I hear you about the transporting. Our church does a Lenten Soup Luncheon after church each Sunday during Lent. Every week, four people sign up to make the soups for that week's lunch. It's a big hit, but there is a clink in the planning now.

The congregation has gotten older. The ladies who love to make soup can no longer transport large quantities of soup. Although we can have people in the parking lot to dispatch the soup to the kitchen, the problem for the cooks is getting the soup from their kitchen into the car.

Fewer have signed up than in the past so we are encouraging the younger members who are strong and capable to step up. Unfortunately, not al of them are soup makers.
carol pavlik said…
Jaz I just read the Evil One is cutting after school programs. I hope your kids are not affected. What a tragedy.
Guillaume said…
Lucky kids. Like they found a four leafs shamrock.
Sounds like you have a grateful crowd of diners. Looks scrumptious as usual.
Happy St. Patrick's Day, Joyce! Are we proud to be Irish or what?!! :)
Great healthy meal for the children. Those kids will likely be "picky" for the rest of their lives after eating food prepared by you!. You are such a caring person and I love you for it!

Kay said…
You are so darn awesome! I'm making corned beef and cabbage for our family tonight.