Sugaring Off Time

 Saturday morning we took off to the mountains for our first maple syrup festival of the season. we were SO excited!  We headed straight to our favorite sugar shack. We like their syrup so much that we included jugs of it in our rehearsal dinner boxes for the wedding.

 It had snowed the day before and it looked like a winter wonderland.  I really got my winter fix that I've been so sorely lacking this year.

 The Blog Tech and my DIL were so excited to see the maple syrup warmer because they had been anticipating this since last year....         (that whole stainless warmer is full of syrup!)

 Hot maple syrup sundaes for breakfast.  You can add as much syrup as you want and the sundaes are free! They had tables groaning with maple treats.  The Blog Tech was too busy eating his sundae to remember to take a pic.

 All of these shacks pour syrup from each boil into glass jars and place them in front of a window so you can see the different results they get.

Here are all of their boils from this year.  You can see that they are very light.  We've had such a mild winter that the trees are budding.  The moment they bud, the syrup stops running.
 Our second stop ws a sugar shack that was on the tour for the second year.

 This is the syrup boiling.

 Here is their run so far this year.

 A Mennonite family was taking the tour.

 We find a lot of these places by following the smoke we see from a distance.

 Click for a closer look.  This gorgeous barn has maple leaves on all of the shutters.

 They had these cute handcrafted replicas of their place.

 I love these trees with the collection buckets.  I might have to make myself one of these.  I'll show more tomorrow.  I've had a crazy busy weekend!


Rain said…
Lucky you!!! March is the month for sugaring off here too, but the temps got so cold, we'll have to wait a little longer!!
Guillaume said…
Difficult to find good sugar shacks nowadays. I cannot wait to go there with my son, but need to find the right one.
Darlene said…
Everything looks so beautiful. I never thought of putting maple syrup on ice cream!
Cottage Tails said…
oh it looks soo wonderful. Bet you enjoyed the snow.
I love being taken with you on these trips.

PS have you read this blog by Heather? they do their own sugaring I think you will enjoy her blog. xx
The snow looked picturesque. I bet you were beside yourself with glee. The syrup sounds delish. Beautiful buildings too where everything is housed.
Oh, oh, does the mild winter and early budding mean that maple syrup will be at a premium this year due to scarcity?
chickpea678 said…
Hot maple syrup sundaes sound like they would be met with much welcome among certain members of my family ;)