Thank You For Your Advice and a Fall Mirror Chain

 Here is a new Fall mirror chain I made.  I hung this on my back porch so it catches the late afternoon sun and sure does reflect that light. Click for a closer look.

Thank you all so much for the pill advice.  Teddy took her pill last night!  What a relief!  I cut the "big" pill into 4 pieces and let it sit out all day to air out....what a great idea!  I also fed her very little so I was sure she was hungry.  Then I wrapped the pill pieces in Limburger cheese and covered each one with room temp ground lamb that I sprinkled with liquid smoke....another great idea!  I basically created a tasty stink bomb.  She gulped them down.  Now I am just hoping she will do the same thing 5 more times.  Nothing like putting a problem out to the blog world to get advice.  Plus, it's a relief to know I'm not the only one with this problem.  I was feeling like such a loser puppy mom.  I thank you and Teddy sort of thanks you.

 Back to the mirror chain.  What really makes these special is the bead work you add to them.  It weighs them down too which keeps them from blowing all around.

I use all glass beads and glass pendulums.  You don't want to put anything on these that won't weather well.


Getting a pet to swallow a pill is the same with children. We must outwit and outsmart and that is not always easy. It is always good to seek advice when all else fails.
Linda said…
Only by trial and error did I get meds down my kids! Finally, with the last two I put the liquid med in a nipple, not the bottle, just the nipple. I put this med-filled nipple in the baby's mouth and she sucked it down, never tasting it. Well, from the look on her face, she realized something happened too late to push it out of her mouth. Then, she got a bottle. You have to be tricky to raise a child. I suppose it is the same with dogs, but I have never had a dog to raise.
The JR said…
I've been collecting up things to make a few chains from. Now, I just need to do it.

I'm so glad Teddy took her medicine for you.

I'm so glad you found a way to give Teddy her pill. I never thought of Limburger. But the stinkier the better.
I love that pumpkin at the end of the mirror chain. SOOOOO CUTE!
Anonymous said…
She refuse to eat her pill but will happily eat limburger cheese :-) :-) One can't but love her for that :-)

I'm holding my thumbs for five more times :-)

have a great day!

Rain said…
Oh gosh Joyce, I had to laugh very heartily at all of your efforts, you really pulled all the stops lol...if she refused to eat the pill after all that, I'd say hope would be lost! I love that you used Limburger!!! I've never tried it but it's always a favourite "weapon" in the Bugs Bunny cartoons lol..I'm glad you found a solution! Your mirror chains are really beautiful :)
I'm glad Teddy took her pills. Victory for both of you. The mirror chain is charming.
1st Man said…
Yay for you and Teddy!!! Great idea to make a stink bomb, ha. Dogs to have such a great sense of smell and something that smells yummy, and a hungry tummy, will make them scarf it down. And she did!!!

That chain is beautiful. You are so talented. Keep up the great work.
Guillaume said…
So glad about Teddy. I love that chain! I see you are in an autumnal mood already.
I have wind chimes but I have never seen anything like that. I LOVE them. And..of course the pumpkin at the bottom looks adorable. l Where in the world did you get those tiny mirrors?? I would thing they are tiles but they wouldn't be mirrored on both stores have them? All those little paths to follow at your home..little steps leading here and there...awwww...makes me want to wander around and explore. I find myself trying to peek around