A Peek Into Our Easter

 It was supposed to rain all day on Easter but it ended up being sunny for most of the day.

 My thrift store bunny painted gold.

 The dining room table.  Click to enlarge any pic.

 The parade of thrift store bunnies.

 I painted half of them gold.

 And filled lots of them with treats.

 Vintage English flow blue china.

 Vichyssoise was served as a first course in the small glasses.

 Mini strawberry rhubarb pies for dessert.

 Individual carrot cakes.

 And Easter baskets.

 Each guest got their own basket when they left.

I also made a rich chocolate cake for all the chocolate lovers.  It was the ugliest cake I've ever made.  Bad buttercream weather!  It was reported that it tasted good though.


The JR said…
Everything looks beautiful. I'm sure that buttercream looked fine too.
Your set table is beyond magnificent.
sandra said…
Lol on the ugly cake. I am surrre it was fine ;].
I love the gold and regular bunnies mixed together on the table.My fav is all the baskets lined up ready to make peeps smile :}.
What a fab Easter feast! Beautiful table!
Susan said…
I love that china - it's beautiful. You certainly know how to do things up! Serving Vichyssoise in small glasses is inspired! Hope you had enough energy to enjoy yourself!!!
Anonymous said…
You never do anything half hearted when You decorate, that's for sure :-)

It all look so beautiful and no one can be disappointed with those delicat things to eat :-)

Have a great day!

You bunny parade centerpiece is so cute!! Everything was absolutely gorgeous. I love your vintage blue china. It took my breath away. You have absolutely wonderful taste.
Linda said…
I have never seen that much flow blue outside an antique shop!
Guillaume said…
I envy you. I wish I could organize such an Easter party. Instead I made an omelette.
Rain said…
Joyce, look at your table setting! It's absolutely stunning! Oh gosh am I super impressed! And the goodies looks so yummy! :))
My Grama's Soul said…
All I can say is WOW.....You put most of us to shame! LOL LOL

FABULOUS. Spectacular. Enchanting.
Your home is just like you, beautiful both inside and out. I was fine until I got to the hall and just like when I saw your library the first time at Christmas..I exclaimed out loud "WOW" and H. had to come and see what was happening..his reaction was exactly the same. Of course I had to show him the rest of the pictures..and wanted to take him around the corner to the back. I couldn't get through that gorgeous gate and besides when H. saw THAT he fainted dead away!!! LOL
Jeri Landers said…
Your incredible sense of design, your beautiful and artistic baking and cooking skills, your house and yard, all of it... is just amazing. You are a wonder!
Barb said…
Your table and all that food were just beautiful! I would love to attend a holiday at your home. You make everything so special.
Kay said…
Your photos always fill me with awe! You should be featured in a magazine!
chickpea678 said…
Wow, everything looks lovely! Did Teddy behave/do okay :)?