A Ramp Festival

 The Blog Tech and his wife were in Boston for the last few days so they missed this festival.  My daughter usually never wants to go to these festivals but she joined me so I wouldn't have to go by myself and she had a blast.  It was such a fun time.

 This is a rather small festival but it is held in a very cute park in the heart of Appalachia and has some good vendors.  This guy makes the cutest things out of wood.
I just had to buy an Appalachian cabin for a future grandchild....hint hint!

The attention to detail is wonderful.
And it comes furnished!  Right down to the dishes on the table and the pictures on the walls.

 It even has an outhouse.

 With a roll of toilet paper.

The food was so good.  Ramp hot dogs, ramp hashbrowns, fried ramps and a 'killed salad' which is a staple food in this area.  This one was, of course, made with ramps. They decorate the tables with ramp bouquets and place a tray of mints on each table to treat ramp breathe. I don't find that ramps have a very strong flavor, just a cross between green onions and garlic.

 It's a puppy friendly festival.

We made sure to stock up on ramp pesto and Beurre de Ramp (ramp butter).  It was such a fun trip.

Click to enlarge if you want a bit of ramp info..


That dollhouse cabin and outhouse are so cute!
Rain said…
Joyce, that is so awesome! What a neat festival...we don't have stuff like that around here. Maybe it's just a Quebec thing, but when I lived in the Maritimes, there were lots of little festivals and goings-on like that, I kind of miss it! That outhouse is amazing...what a great skill. Your food looks so good! Thanks for sharing! :)))
greekwitch said…
That dollhouse was such a beauty!!! Was the hint intended for us or your children? Because in the first case congratulations!!!!
Guillaume said…
I'm really curious about those ramp festivals. Are you going to become a grandmother or are you just putting some pressure on your daughter in law?
chickpea678 said…
Lucky grandchild! That cabin is adorable! Glad you and daughter had a fun day together!
Love the cabin, especially the outhouse and toliet paper. Who knew you could find such things at a Ramp Festival. Definitely neat.
Now I know exactly what a "ramp" is. It's certainly not a wooden thing you roll your boat out onto the water on..nope. :) I'm kidding..of course I KNEW that! But actually I did think once before I met you that it was something to walk up or down on..in the place of stairs only to find out it's something good to eat. Thanks for explaining exactly what it is. I think you have spoken of them before..maybe another trip into ramp land?

What an adorable little cabin. You will have fun putting it together.
And that little outhouse..just so cute! Sounds like a lovely day for you and your daughter.

Cabin is cute... My 6yo daughter would love one, wish I could get one like it here in Texas.
Jessica said…
We are new to WV and just tasted ramps for the first time this year! Where was the festival? Sad we missed it. Also the cabin is simply adorable!