A Walk in the Garden

 Though I started everything I intend to plant this year, I succumbed to the call of the local nursery and bought a few plants too.

 Teddy likes to lay just inside the door where it's cool from the A/C but she can still see outside.

 The woods is filling in daily.

 Shooting stars, strawberries and Solomon's Seal.
 I can hardly see the guest house now.

 I love ferns.

 Narcissus and Columbines.

 An Eastern Redbud.

 This is the first time in ages that we haven't had a frost after the apples bloomed.

I might actually get apples this year.


The JR said…
I hope you do get apples. We won't. Our apple tree came down in a fierce storm a few weeks ago.
What beautiful apple blossoms! We're about 2 months away from them here.
Susan said…
How beautiful! I don't dare go to the nursery this time of year...
Anonymous said…
For a while we almost were ahead of You when it comes to spring, now we're far behind. Your garden look so beautiful!

One can never have too many ferns in the garden :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Oh I love apple trees! When they blossom it's a promise of autumn harvest.
Cottage Tails said…
I always enjoy your garden tours. We had our first frost last night and first fire.
Your pictures of spring are beautiful. You have answered a question I had today of the name of a tree that is in bloom all over. I must get myself an Eastern Redbud.
Fingers crossed you get apples this year. Everything looks beautiful.
Jim said…
This is like looking into the future, Joyce.
What a lovely garden and I truly appreciate the work put into it.
Your home looks Gothic and amazing! I love it!! Just gorgeous!! The purple really was a perfect color for it...by the way!
Kay said…
So beautiful!