An Easter Basket for the Kids

 I'm quite sure that none of the after school kids will be getting Easter Baskets at home.  I thought it would be fun to make them one large basket to share.  This basket is huge! It's 2 feet wide.

 I loaded it full of all sorts of Easter treats.

I made a smaller one for the other smaller group.  They even got bags of Peeps Oreos. The Blog Tech said the kid's eyes popped out of their heads when they saw the baskets.  I also sent them big meat and cheese platters and homemade rolls so they had something solid to balance out all of the sugar!
I spent most of the rest of yesterday working outside.  It was a perfect Spring day.
 I re-potted some herbs .

 I even cut the grass for the first time this season.

 I came up with an idea for my small greenhouse which I will work on after Easter.  I'll post it when I do it.

 I moved pots all day. Two of these are blueberries and one is an olive tree.

 My sink isn't open yet but I did start to arrange the area around it.

And I moved my Bay trees outside.  I'm pretty sure our freezing nights are done. Slowly but surely things are coming together.


All those PEEPS! Everything looks terrific!
The JR said…
I want some Easter candy now. . .

Happy Easter.
My Grama's Soul said…
I love it that PEEPS now come in EVERY COLOR KNOWN TO MAN!! Although, I must say I have never put one in my mouth. LOL LOL

Heritage Hall said…
Bless you for your dedication to the after school
youngsters. What a difference you must make in their
lives.... Your energy is amazing...the gardens looking
Gemmagirl said…
What an Easter basket. There will be lots of joy for some kids who do not have our abundance. I am overcome with emotion seeing your generosity and dedication. Because of that your heart will be full of blessings and peace. I'm making the annual Easter basket to take for blessing on Holy Saturday. I have find your link.
Happy Easter
Anonymous said…
That is one big basket :-)
We got easter treats from the factory owner at work too :-)

I wanted to fill pots this weekend too but the weather won't be inviting I'm afraid, both big sites says cold but at least we won't get any snow :-)

Have a great day!

Diane S said…
The Easter Basket is a fabulous idea and I am sure they will love it.
Your garden is looking great. Happy Easter Diane
TrayceeBee said…
What a wonderful thing you do for those kids! I'm sure they were surprised and loved every tasty sugary treat! You're such a wonderful and giving soul! =)
The Easter baskets were a sweet touch. I can't believe it's lawnmower time already.
dindin said…
what is that airraid looking building in your yard?
Guillaume said…
Such lovely baskets.
Mei said…
In so many ways those children have a difficult path, its very kind of you and your family to make that path a bit less bumpy!
Marcie said…
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chickpea678 said…
I admire your energy!