Easter Thrift Shopping

 I'm fine tuning my Easter table and I needed a few more things so I visited a few thrift stores.  Score! A little hot glue and these guys were good as new.  They hold candles in the tulips.

 I found a dozen of each of these glasses for 39 cents each.    I'll eventually show you how I plan to use them.

 I was thrilled to find 7 of these in perfect condition. Vintage etched glasses are hard to find because they are extremely thin and fragile.

 I've had the blue glasses on the left for 30 years but found the matching smaller set at one of the shops and they were only 49 cents.

 Got this for my daughter.  A good day at the stores.


Mary said…
Yo have got to be a very lucky lady, what finds.
Rain said…
Beautiful finds! I love the etched glasses. We have a soft spot for glasses when we see them at thrift stores...so much so that we have way too many for just the two of us. I mean, who needs 12 milkshake glasses when you are 2 people??? Will we stop buying them? Nah! :)
Linda said…
Those glasses would be over a dollar at my thrift stores here!
I really need to go to a thrift store and see if I can find some nice glasses too, I tend to run out of glass every now and again :-)

I have had huge problem getting in to comment here today, could be an overload of the net since we've had a terrorist attack in Stockholm today.

Have a great day!
I dare not going to our thrift store, as I might find things I have donated and buy them back.

I love those tulips.
Guillaume said…
Love the rabbits and flowers.
Adam said…
not a bad deal for the glasses
Jim said…
Great finds! I like what you see!
pretty bunnies. beautiful glass.
chickpea678 said…
39 cents?! That's amazing!