Fat Sparrows

 Since we have a new stash of maple syrup, Fat sparrows were called for.  My family loves these:

  For the fat sparrows you will need 1 egg, a pinch of salt, 1 C. sour cream, 1 heaping tsp. of baking soda, 1 C. flour, 2 T. sugar and 2 tsp. of vanilla extract to a bowl. 

Mix all of the ingredients together and let the batter sit for 15 minutes.  Cook in butter until brown and crunchy on the outside.  They will be very light and fluffy on the inside.

In case you are wondering about the name.

 And if you ever wanted a big crystal chandelier my advice is:  NO!  Don't do it.  They shine like jewelry when they are clean but keeping them clean is a bit of a problem.  The Easter cleaning has begun!


The JR said…
I feel your pain on the chandelier. We have a huge one in our living area and a smaller one in the dining room.
Susan said…
I LOVE that name - Fat Sparrows! Of course, now I need to know from whence cometh that name. I may try to make a GF version just so I can say I ate fat sparrows for breakfast. As much as I appreciate the opulence of crystal, I would not have it. I am adverse to cleaning it. Can't wait for the play-by-play of your Easter event. It's bound to be fantastic!
Rain said…
Hi Joyce :) I was wondering about the name Fat Sparrows, when I saw your title, I did assume you meant you had some chubby visitors to your bird feeder lol...I remember my grandparent's had a huge chandelier, and my grandmas was constantly dusting it...spring cleaning begins for me this week! :)
Fat Sparrows are the bomb! My mom used to make them for my birthday breakfast.
Yes, chandeliers are lovely to look at and admire but let someone else have them. I love the way yours looks. Very pretty crystals! When I was little I always dreamed of having a chandelier in every room. Tacky, I know, but I was young. What did I know? I now have one in the dining room and I have to clean it every six months to keep it looking really nice. I would get rid of it in a minute but I love it too much.
Anonymous said…
I must try those!

That's one reason I've never had a chandelier, the other one is that my homes have always had close to the ceilings. They would be hanging so I would hit my head in them :-)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said…
Your chandelier is so beautiful, but I know it is so much work. A friend had one and she had a professional come to clean it. They would take it down and dunk it in a large pot/barrel type thing to clean it. She sold the condo and moved to more sparse furnishings. I like sparse.
Guillaume said…
I never head of fat sparrows. Interesting name.
1st Man said…
Fat Sparrows? WOW! I learned something new today. And looks like something delicious!!!!

As for chandeliers, beautiful to look at, and always seemed so magical to me. But I can't even imagine how hard they must be to clean.

I had never heard of Fat Sparrows before. Cool name. Sounds scrumptious.
Candace said…
I have just eaten 2 Fat Sparrows and they were wonderful. I promised myself the next recipe that I read that sounded good and didn't take too long to make I was going to try the same day instead of saving it and possibly forgetting it.
This was the first rx that fit the bill. My goodness they were delicious. My husband loved them too.
Always thought I wanted one but I have heard before that it's not easy to keep them clean...I do have a small one with about 20 crystals in it ..so it's tiny..but reading this I looked up and..yep, it need cleaning. SOON! Wouldn't it be nice to have a staff to clean things like that..and the silver. I sighed when I watched Downton Abby..which reminds me ..I must not forget to get that silver polished for Easter.
I do it the easy way..put in all in a glass tray and pour Tarnex over it then into hot soapy water..and it's lovely. How would you clean those anyway..I mean a BIG one?? Certainly not crystal by crystal??
Where was I?? Oh yes, "fat sparrows"..they look delicious and guess who has the FANTASTIC syrup to put on them.. :):) Trying these in the morning..I used the maple cream tonight..and OMG! Warmed a bit and put on my nut bread ..and I am one happy old woman! I really am. Thank you Joyce!!