Getting Ready for Easter

 I have a friend that is a terrible cook by her own admission.  It doesn't stop her from cooking though.  She had a dinner party last night and served quinoa meatballs that she said were horrible.  She tried them in advance, said they were awful and she served them anyway.  Go figure!  Glad I wasn't invited.  So, I baked her a cake to serve for dessert.  Dessert saves many bad dinner parties! As you can see I need a lot of cake decorating practice so I jumped at the opportunity!

I made her a loaf of rosemary bread and one of those terrific blueberry and goat cheese pies.                                                    

 I'm having a big family Easter here this year.  Teddy will have to stay in the kitchen and no one will be allowed to do dishes!  I have an idea for how I want to decorate the table so I've been hitting thrift stores a lot.  I found this German bakelite rabbit in perfect shape for 99 cents!

 I got a set of 8 of these yellow depression glass dinner plates for 2.00 each.  Quite a deal!

 And a perfect pink cake plate for the same price.

 This vasoline glass cake plate was only 2.99. They are all perfect for Easter though I'll probably set the table with my French flow blue. 

Here are some of the vintage pieces I picked up.  I'll post a pic when I've finished the table.  That yellow pot on the left is a vintage McCoy piece that was 79 cents!


Anonymous said…
My first thought when I saw that first glass plate was that the print on the cloth was fantastic, it looks just like a real plate :-) :-)

That blueberry and goat cheese pies would be nice to have here this warm spring afternoon :-)

Have a great day!

Alice said…
Are you using those flower making tips advertised on tv to decorate your cakes? I was wondering if they really worked?
Rain said…
HI Joyce :)) that bunny is too adorable, and wow, you have a nice thrift store that has so many wonderful treasures! Your food looks so good! :)
Linda said…
All or most of my Easter decorations were given to me by one woman at her yard sale. Do you have a recipe for that goat cheese and blueberry pie?

If I served something I thought was awful, I would say so when serving and excuse guests from taking any or eating them if they disliked them. However, I would make something else to fill in.

You could give me that cake and I would love the decorations on it. For years I have wanted to try cake decorating but it seems like a fattening avocation or vocation, at least the way I would operate.
I am going to crawl through the computer monitor and take a bite of that cake. gosh it looks good.
Guillaume said…
Gosh you make me very hungry and in need of a sugar fix! Just when I wanted to reduce my consumption of sugar.
Jim said…
Your desserts look delicious!
Now....I want to go to that thrift store! NOW!! lol
Sophie Laurenti said…
You seem to have wonderful thrift shops in your area. I am envious!
Hmm..someone didn't know what a McCoy piece was worth it seems. :) I have one large frog which was here when I moved in. Simple and different. got some deals there. :)