Happy Easter

 I am taking a blogging break for Easter weekend because I have so much cooking to do.

I've been busy already.  Yesterday I baked bunny rolls.  Click to enlarge and you can see their cute little sesame seed tails.  I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and I will leave you with a bit of rabbit wisdom:
If you kiss enough eggs along the way, you will eventually be rewarded. Silly Wabbit Spicy.  Speaks volumes doesn't it?


Your bunny rolls are delightful and I am sure delicious. Have a wonderful Easter with your family.
Mary said…
Rolls are very cute. I am not sure how I feel that Spicey was the easter Bunny, conflicted! Hope you have a great holiday weekend.
Susan said…
Those rolls are wonderful! However, I many never be able to look at the Easter Bunny again without my stomach turning over. And not in a good way. Happy Easter to you and yours!
Gemmagirl said…
Happy Easter. Many blessings and joy to you and yours. Now to get back to my Easter preps.
Rain said…
Look at those bunny rolls! Lovely Joyce! Hope you enjoy your weekend. Funny bunny photo! :)
Oh, those bunny rolls are just TOO cute! And I bet Sean Spicer is missing his Easter Bunny job these days, lol!
Guillaume said…
Oh yum! Looks delicious.
Linda said…
Cute rolls! I am still processing Spicey's appearance.
Adam said…
The only job he was qualified for. Though I could see him being like "Merry Christmas!"
Adorable bunny rolls! Especially those tails..:)
About Spicer...you know full well how I feel. I suspect SOMEONE told him to work that bit of "info" about Hitler into his briefing..and he did. OOPS!
The gas chambers where so many were killed was well known in the history of the holocaust. I was young and had terrible nightmares when I began to read about it and learned the horror of it all.
What a circus it all is!! Day after day and like you, it's always on my mind. Beginning to wonder where it all will end. Hopefully not where it seems to be heading.
Happy Easter, my friend..have a wonderful weekend!! You are loved!!!
HAPPY EASTER! Enjoy! (when you find a minute to sit down from all that cooking)
Anonymous said…
Have a Happy Easter!

Teacats said…
Beautiful bunny buns!!

And Spicy may just turn out to really need that job ... wink! wink!

Cheers! And Brightest Spring Blessings on Your Hearth and Home!
chickpea678 said…
So cute, those bunny rolls and I'm sure they are tasty too!