At the end of each winter, I stand in my growing area planting tiny little seeds in small trays thinking this will never be enough plants for my garden.  Then spring arrives and I shake my head thinking of what I will do with 30 poblano pepper plants.

 I have all of my friends lined up to receive some but there is a possibility that I will be standing in traffic, flagging people down to take some off my hands.

 The Blog Tech and his wife's wedding tree wintered over very well and soon will be planted in their yard.

 Bay tree growth makes me happy.  I winter these over in my garden room.

Apple hope.
 This is my glorious Silver Maple killed by my neighbor when he dug the roots to lay a 2X2 concrete slab to sit his Home Depot fountain on it.  It has to be taken out and replaced with something.  The problem is, we designed the entire garden around it and it's hard to get equipment in to take it down.  The neighbor is about as willing to accept responsibility for this mistakes as The Trump is for any of his mistakes which are constant.  Do you ever notice how some people are totally incapable of ever admitting to doing anything wrong?

 A witch flying over the two tulips that the squirrels haven't eaten.

 We finally had a bit of rain and everything turned instantly green.

 The Magnolias are opening.

Isn't Spring marvelous?  This was a little over a week ago.
And here it is this morning.


Too bad about your silver maple. Sometimes neighbours suck.
Susan said…
A pox on his fountain. Jerk. Too bad you can't plant something that would drop various parts on his side of the fence. Your gardens are so beautiful - and how I wished we lived closer, as I would gladly take some (many) of your extra plants.
Anonymous said…
No spring here, I woke up to two inches of wet snow on the ground, thankfully it has all melted away again.

Some people just are like that and it's bad when it is onmes neighbor. I'm so glad that I have perfect neighbors here, I've told them that they never ever can move :-)

Have a great day!

capecodgirl565 said…
Oh please say not so....I hate when perfectly wonderful people fall victim to pesky inconveniences such as his property, his right to do what he wants, or that whole democracy thing when it doesn't go in your favor. Actually being the liberal that you are, you should find it within yourself to feel sorry for that poor sap of a neighbor, After all, if one is forced to buy lawn ornaments, fountains, or statuary from Home Depot, his life must be a living hell. Seems he is one to be pitied not reviled. I just hope your palace walls are high enough to never have to lay eyes on that piece of white trash eye pollution. I am, however, somewhat surprised that you would plan your magnificent gardens around a rather ordinary and pedestrian tree such as a silver maple. I would have figure you couldn't go for something so ordinary, but people amaze me every day.
May your neighbor's armpits become infested with ten thousand camel fleas. I love that maple next to the stairs. So beautiful! I just love your yard. I'm soooo jealous.
Jody Rhode said…

Yada, Yada, Yada on Trump... I like him ~

Lots of folks like him.

You live "High Style" kid... be thankful for it ~

White and Money Privileged. Yes Indeed, be very thankful.
Rain said…
Do you ever notice how some people are totally incapable of ever admitting to doing anything wrong?: YES. I hate it, it's horrible, and we can't do a thing about it. Let's rise above, but it still seems unjust doesn't it? What a shame about your maple...but Joyce, your garden is so beautiful so so beautiful.
HappyCrone said…
So sad about the maple, instead of taking the dead tree out, plant a Paul's Himalayan Musk rose at the bottom, it will grow up the dead tree in no time at all.
Guillaume said…
Here if it was not so green it would feel like autumn.
You could plant a Wisteria at the base of the dead tree and let it grow up through the tree. Ignore the pro Trump folks. You have nice things and you care about other people, I see the lengths you go to feeding people who have less than you. No one should criticize you on your own blog for your own views.
The JR said…
I love Poblano. Wish I was driving by when you need to hand some out.
Megs said…
Don't be put off by those nasty comments. Those comments say a lot more about the posters then reflecting a legitimate problem with you. And maybe their reading comprehension sucks? I've been getting inspired by your blog for years, love the very unique things that you've done to your home, love that you freely share ideas and wonderful recipes with us, and have witnessed a lot hard work you do for others. No nastiness, self-servitude, or elitism to be found here- except for what I can only say are jealous commenters. Funny, I feel this is a pretty tolerant blog, no one would have minded if they said they didn't agree, it's just to go on personally attacking you.
This blog remains one of the best!
Linda said…
I was going to suggest you plant wisteria to run up the tree. It would be beautiful in no time. The strong vines would support the dead limbs. AND, it might just run over into his yard. My wisteria ran along the ground, under sight in the grass and tripped me, causing me to now need full braces for all the teeth knocked loose. I tore my rotator cuff, broke my nose, and doctor things I have a concussion! A pox on him.

It is obvious to anyone you are not suffering and are prospering. It is also obvious you are caring and use your plenty to help others.

If a person does not like your blog and thoughts, that person can just not come back again. I never understand people who stick around to complain.
Good grief! I went nuts over that last picture of your home!! My head is still reeling! LOL The home of my dreams. I am shopping for a witch weather vane for our little gable out front..what fun it is looking at them. I think I have decided on one..I already have found a handyman that will put it up for me. :) I will probably have a question or two for you before I make my final decision. I have wanted to do this for ages...
My family loved my beautiful hanging mirrors. They had to go look closely and examine them. They cannot be missed as I hung them on the front porch just as one opens the little gate to come in.

About Trump. "There are none so blind as those that will NOT see!"
I actually burst out laughing when Spicer began blaming President Obama for the Flynn thing. LOL Then I threw my slipper at the TV!!!

Springtime in Pennsylvania must be amazing. California is pretty..and with all of our rain this Winter..it is prettier than usual but already I see signs of the beautiful green beginning to fade to gold. Trump gets up there and BS's his base and they just eat it up! I hope if the bombs start falling he gets one up his hinny!! Seriously!! I DO!! I'll probably get death threats over this one! LOL
It is sad about the tree. Guess you have to deal with it at your own expense, emotionally and monitarily since your neighbor won't.
special k said…
No one is making you read this lovely blog. Kindly move on to something that suits you.