The Cistern is Open

Summer is coming. The cistern is open.  It recirculates collected rain water.
 My kale is planted.

 Garden jewelry.

 Garden faces.

 My outdoor sink is turned on too.

 Hollyhocks and lupine.

 Sunflowers.  Teddy eats the leaves on these.

 Garden whimsy.

 A lot of boxwoods to trim.

Teddy keeping watch.
 I'm thinking of building raised stone beds here.

One of my mirror chains dripping from last night's storms.


Everything looks so beautiful, lush and green! Hollyhocks are one of my most favourite heritage flowers. They always make me feel like a little girl again when I see some.
Linda said…
I love the garden face.
Rain said…
It's so beautiful Joyce, I really love that cistern. Your garden brings me peace when I imagine it as my own :)
Susan said…
What a little piece of Paradise you have - Teddy makes it complete!
Beautiful garden! Absolutely gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
I wish it could be abit warmer here, everything came to a stop during easter and its cold weather.

Have a great day!

Cottage Tails said…
now to get you on Instagram with an Iphone and you can upload a tour via video and we can hear the running water. (Don't ask for much aye) But honest you would love Instagram once learn way around.
lush green and beautifil. i like the garden faces.
1st Man said…
Your garden constantly inspired me. If I could come up with a 1/4 of what you have, I'd never want to leave. Someday, time, hard work, right? Beautiful just beautiful....
I always like be seeing your gardens!
Sol said…
Your garden is stunning already. I am loving the garden jewellery!
chickpea678 said…
You keep your garden so beautifully. If only I had half your energy!
Kay said…
What a gorgeous garden to call your own!