Thrift Shop Finds

I really need to stay away from these places. Or get a bigger house.  Or call one of those hording shows.  But man, thrift shopping is fun! I found this sweet little pink jar for my daughter.  She is acquiring quite a nice colored glass collection.  Or maybe I should say that I am and she is just keeping it for me. I guess I actually have started filling another house!
 This set of vintage etched glassware cost me 79 cents each and only one has a very small flea bite on it.

 The are very dainty and have beautiful stems.

 This green bowl was 99 cents.

 I don't think it is old but it is very pretty.

 I love these old painted glass vases (Anchor Hocking) and pick them up whenever I find them. This was 3.99. It will be so pretty with a Fall arrangement in it.

And my new obsession is oil paintings.  I like them even if they are not great and are done by unknown artists. Plus, I think it's sad that someone's work ends up in a thrift shop for a couple bucks.  I'll appreciate them and give them a good home!
Remember this one which I found recently for less than 20.00?


chickpea678 said…
You have such a good eye! Those bargains would be hard for anyone to pass up! Where do you think all those goodies come from in your area? From old grannies?
Mary said…
You find the best" stuff", I can never find anything like that in my area. Not that I have room for anything else here. There has to be some grandmother who are cleaning house ! Be sure to let us see the large oil framed.
Anonymous said…
I do like those glasses! and that first little oil painting look just like so many dream about living.

Have a great day!

Today was going to be "garage sale" day for us but..I didn't get with it early enough. One of our kitties is missing and I'm concerned. He was injured a few days ago..and this morning didn't show for breakfast.
You found some really nice things..and it's addicting. I know. Our home is way over crowded with goodies and I've given a lot to my I stopped. I still get tempted but it's time to get rid of things.. The pink is just beautiful. How is Teddy doing? She must be better...I saw she was out and about. :)

Linda said…
I love the first pink dish. That would be at least $8 here and glasses, etched, would be $3.
Rain said…
You're so funny Joyce...I need an intervention when it comes to buying glassware at thrift stores too lol...Alex and I were at one the other day when we did our walk in the woods, we stopped by the local thrift store. We were both eyeing some really cute port glasses when we had to stop ourselves and remind each other that we already have about 3 dozen on the shelf collecting dust! :)
Wonderful finds. My favorite is the vase. How pretty.
Kay said…
Oh my! These are so pretty!
Guillaume said…
I love the painting.