Trump is a Cunt

Fullnovembermoon sent this to me the other day and I am still laughing!  Off to a big ramp festival!  hope you enjoy this:


Adam said…
Trump truly did royally screw up his Scotland "visit". He should of realized it's a pretty left wing country.
Anonymous said…
:-) :-) :-)

Have a nice trip!

River said…
Love love!!
thank you
Denise in TN
Sol said…
Ha Ha how funny. "get tae f'!" I want the Scottish to tell Jeremy Corbyn get tae f' as well.
"Scotland is mean!" They're "Mad Blue Bastards" alright -- hilarious!
Linda said…
Funny! Linda@Wetcreek Blog
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Diane S said…
Wish I could watch this but our connection is too slow for videos. The heading though sounds good :) Diane