A Ramp Festival

Last Saturday was the last ramp festival for this year and we drove quite a way to get to it.  The trip was worth it.
 We bought a bunch of this ramp relish and it's the best relish I've ever tasted.  I'm going to try to duplicate it.

These woman make the trip worth it each year.  Their cachapas are delicious.
 They are griddled corn cakes topped with cheese and pulled pork

 They are served with a side of killer ramp sauce.

 Ramp pork rinds anyone?

 Ramp seasonings and ramp salt.

 Ramp kimchi.

 Ramp salsa which made The Blog Tech very happy.  He loves his salsa.

 Fried ramps and yes, those are my old tats!

 A young ramp fan.

 An older couple chowing down on ramp burgers.

 A festival cutey.

 Ramp sausage and peppers.

 This pup would like that sausage.

 Kids enjoying shaved ice.

 On the way out of town we bought ramps for sale on the side of the road.

And though I bought "cleaned ramps",  I spend a good few hours yesterday cleaning them.  They grow in the mud so you have to be a true ramp lover to cook with them.  Cleaning them is no easy task.


Ramp it up! Nice to catch a glimpse of (some of) your tats!
Susan said…
Ramp Heaven! Tats! All very exciting! I would love to find a roadside source of ramps around me. Everyone here keeps their ramp source secret.
Rain said…
How cool! I love it. I wish we had festivals like that around here!
Those cachapas looked soooooo yummy! Could you send me a couple? ahahahahaaa!
Anonymous said…
Is there anything they don't put Ramp in :-)
Is the season already over! Time just flies by now!

Have a great day!

Cottage Tails said…
sure feels like we are missing out not having ramps. I always love seeing your festivals
Guillaume said…
You sure got me curious about ramps.
Adam said…
It's amazing dogs are so loyal despite seeing humans eat all the good stuff
Linda said…
I have heard of ramps, but that's it. I wonder if ramp seeds are sold? Where do you live? State only. I have never heard of a ramp festival where I live in AL. Now, we do have poke salat festivals! They grow mostly in ditches and edges of fields. I even have some poke growing in my yard each year since the renters don't cut anything!
Sad to think you've seen the last of the ramp festivals for the year. They always look like fun with lots of great food.
Just sitting here thinking back..and remembering all the things I have learned since I met you. The recipe's, the different foods and different spices..even some gardening tips.. :) Yeah..it's been great!! Here I am out in California eating pancakes with HONEST TO GOODNESS syrup right from the source..thanks Joyce!!

Ramps..I imagine them to be somewhat like scallions...which I love. Really interesting all the things that they have made with ramps.
P.S. How is Teddy doing??
Kay said…
This is so cool! I wish I could be there to try it too.
chickpea678 said…
Cachapas sound good! Kimchi is making the rounds everywhere!