Chicken Yakitori

I'm determined to cook outside as much as possible this summer.  I have a Big Green Egg which I haven't really mastered so I figure if I use it every day, I will finally figure it out.  Plus, it will keep my kitchen cooler if I'm not firing up my ovens and cook top.
I wanted to try a good yakitori and this recipe is great.  Start by pounding out 12 chicken thighs, trimming off the fat and cutting them in 2 inch pieces.  Make some teriyaki sauce:

4 minced garlic cloves
2 T grated ginger
2/3 C. soy sauce
1 tsp. black pepper
2/3 C. water
6 T. mirin (rice wine)
3/4 C. brown sugar
2 T. rice wine vinegar

Mix this together until the sugar dissolves and pour a few tablespoons of it in a ziplock bag along with the chicken.  Let it marinate overnight turning the bag occasionally.  Refrigerate the additional marinade. 

Soak some wooden skewers ahead of time so they won't burn.  Then pierce the chicken sliding it on the skewers in a zigzag fashion.

Heat the reserved marinade until it begins to boil and stir in 2 T. corn starch mixed with 1 T. water.  Stir and cook until it thickens.  Sorry for the blur.
Cook the skewers over hot coals brushing with more marinade until cooked through and slightly charred.

Brush with more of the sauce just before serving.

I served them with sticky rice topped with a knob of ramp butter. These sure are good!


Dee said…
Those look so good.
Mmmm, yeah! When we were in Japan, you could buy a skewer of yakitori chicken from vendors grilling them up fresh on the street.
LindaG said…
This looks really good! Thank you!
Linda said…
Blurry pictures? I thought it was because I have only had two hours sleep and it is already late afternoon. Those look delicious!
those look scrumptious. perfect meal to wet your whistle.