Gifts from Bali

 The Blog Tech might still do a post about his honeymoon but he and his wife have been so jet lagged that they haven't even unpacked yet.  They did unpack the gifts they brought back though.  He bought his dad this bag of Luwak coffee.

 I've heard about this stuff for years but this was the first chance I had to try it.  You can click and enlarge the description but basically the civet eats the berries, poops them out and they make coffee out of it.  Some people think it is the best coffee in the world.  Not me. I just want to know who the person was that came up with this idea?

 I got this ceremonial rice bowl.

 And this T-shirt. Nasi Goreng is one of the most popular Indonesian dishes.

 It is served at all of the warungs which are small restaurants found all over Bali.

 And as you can see if nasi goreng is made without a fried egg, it is not special.

My favorite gift is this mahogany, hand carved medallion which will look great hanging at the guest house. Thank you Blog Tech and DIL for thinking of us when you were gone!


Rain said…
Very nice gifts! I love the medallion! Oh my gosh, I might have issues trying that coffee lol...
Anonymous said…
That medallion is just amazing!

Have a great day!

Lovely and thoughtful gifts! Let us know how that cat poop coffee turns out!
1st Man said…
All so neat and well thought out. He knows Mom and Dad well.. So you didn't like the coffee? I'm not a coffee drinker (don't like any of it, much less pooped out of a cat) but 2nd Man said he'd try it.

Love it all but I'm fascinated by the rice basket/bowl. Would the rice be put in there cooked. Or dry?
Cottage Tails said…
think ill pass on the coffee lol
What thoughtful gifts. The world is full of interesting things like that coffee.
Mystica said…
I've heard of that coffee but have no intention of ever trying it out! love the medallion. Very thoughtful couple.
They were thinking of you...which is a huge gift in itself and then they remembered you with thought out gifts you would enjoy! Don't you love it? Really lovely gifts, Joyce.