Happy Memorial Day!

 Though I am not a fan of Summer, I do like Memorial Day. This year we are having a nice, breezy day on the cool side this morning.  I really like preparing traditional memorial day food.
Hamburger sliders are a must.             
 Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers.  My kids love these.

 Macaroni salad........

 and cole slaw are staples. Potato salad too.

 Baked beans.

 The Blog Tech always wants pies.

 And cherry is his favorite.

 I make the first corn on the cob of the year.

 The pool is officially open...hi Teddy!

 The 'New Dawn' roses are in full bloom.
And I still miss my big brother, Billy.

504th MP BN, C Company
Quang Tri, Camp Evans
Phu Bai

March 29, 1947 - March 3, 1974

Never forget.


Mary said…
What time, will pass on the burgers do not eat beef. Everything else looks great. I am flying my flag with mourning banners today for your brother and everyone 's brother and sister too.
Anonymous said…
We don't have anything like Memorial Day over here. We haven't been to war since the days of Napoleon.

I agree with the Blog Tech, notrhing better than cherry pie :-)

Have a good Memorial Day!

May your brother rest in peace and live forever in your heart.
1st Man said…
Your brother is always with you!

Great food but of course! ;-)
Guillaume said…
Very touching post. I was about first to comment on the burgers and the cherry pies when I saw the pics, but then I saw the pic of Billy. I didn't know it was Memorial Day, let alone it could touch someone I know (even if it is through the blogosphere).
Rain said…
I'm sorry for your loss Joyce. :(
Gemmagirl said…
What a lovely display, the food, the gifts and the lovely sentiment about your brother. Happy Memorial Day.
Diana from Canada
A fitting tribute to your brother. And lots of savory picnic food for the holiday too.