Hummingbirds in the Garden

 Since my daughter walked off with the first one of these that I made, I hunted down another hummingbird suncatcher and made myself a new one.

 I love these mirror chains.  When the wind blows, the hummingbird flies.

 I added glass beads in colors matching the bird.

I think of them as garden jewelry.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!  I got the sweetest Mother's Day card from my daughter in law. Though she is on the other side of the world on her honeymoon, she was thoughtful before she left and gave the card to my husband to give to me. I have the best DIL in the world!


Anonymous said…
I can imagine those glass hummingbirds look magical when flying around in the wind.

We have Mother's day here the last Sunday in May instead of now though.

Have a great day!

It's wonderful that your Mothers Day celebrations have expanded to include another person!
Gemmagirl said…
Your garden is lovely and even more enhanced by the sun catchers. I'm so happy that you have a thoughtful daughter in law. What a marvellous addition to your family.
Happy Mother's Day
Diana from Canada
Cottage Tails said…
your son chose wisely - hope they are having a lovely honeymoon.
Guillaume said…
For a moment I thought you were talking about real hummingbirds.
­čî║Happy Mother's Day! Your garden is lovely! I have a precious daughter in law too. My son passed away in 2014. We are very close and they gave me two beautiful grandson's, Zayn 11 and Atlas 4. My 21 yr old ( gamer) lives at home with me.
Magical little flickers of light dance around my front porch..which is enclosed with mature hanging ivy's etc. and I love watching them each morning and through out the day. It's the little things ... They are amazing, Joyce.
chickpea678 said…
She really is the best ❤️. I love a thoughtful person!