The Blog Tech and his wife are leaving early tomorrow for their honeymoon.  They will be in Bali for two weeks. Since they will be missing mother's day next weekend, they spent yesterday with their respective mothers, me being one of them.  He and I hit the road and headed to Akron, Ohio to attend the Oddmall.  There are Oddmall shows all over the country.  They describe themselves as The Emporium of the Weird.  And they are.

 Donations were gladly accepted by the monster sitting next to the Danny Devito look alike.

 A second monster would happily eat your donation too.

 There were a lot of Ghostbuster guys.

And, of course, Stay Puft.
These guys take their roll seriously.
 There was a lot of very strange art.

 Who stuffs a goose? Especially one named Bruce.

 Weird dolls.

 Coffins and embalming tables were used to display wares.

Framed spiders and lizards.  It was interesting and weird.
Akron aka Rubber City is home to Goodyear.  I'm thinking Bali will be much more fun.


Looks like fun! And a perfect mother-son activity for you and the BT. I hope he and his wife have a super honeymoon!
Linda said…
Those were certainly odd displays. Interesting!
Mary said…
Question, what did you buy to remember this Mother /Son day?
They may never want to come home once they reach Bali.
Cottage Tails said…
umm I think I'd pass on the Odd fair. Hope they both have a wonderful honeymoon
Rain said…
Oh gosh, what a hoot! I would LOVE to get to one of those shows! I love anything weird. I giggled for quite a while at all the ghostbuster guys....
Guillaume said…
Ghostbusters? Cool!
How cool is this. Definitely looks like fun. Though i agree Bali would be more serene.
Odd is interesting and therefore fun. It looks like a fun outing.
chickpea678 said…
How do you *find* these places?!
Aptly named! A seriously "ODD" Mall. :)