Scallop Chowder and a Mother's Day Gift

My daughter's boyfriend loves scallops.  He is a chef and works incredibly long hours so I like to make him food for when he gets home.  The last thing he wants to do is cook for himself.  I made him this scallop chowder on Sunday.

Click here for the recipe:

And what a surprise he gave me!  He made me a charcuterie board.  And when I say he made it...I mean he made all of the jerky, sausages and cured the meats himself.  What a treat!  It's so fun to have a chef in the family!  I've always wanted to learn to make charcuterie so maybe one of these days he can teach me.


Wow, that takes "homemade" to a whole new level!
PIKE said…
What a great gift!
Anonymous said…
That chowder look delicious! I really need to do something with seafood in it, too long since I did and that charcuterie board!!!

Have a great day!

1st Man said…
The chowder looks delicious!!! And the charcuterie, well, wow, just wow. Handmade and gifted. What a man, tell your daughter he sounds like a keeper!! ;-)
It is nice that your daughter chose a man with whom you have so much in common.
Linda said…
Between you and daughter's bf, you should have a feast all the time.
Jim said…
A perfect gift for you,, Joyce!
Everything looks so good! I have chef's in the family too and it's fantastic. The boyfriend sounds like a great guy!!
chickpea678 said…
It's like a dream come true for you :). To have your daughter dating a charchuterie-ist! That scallop chowder looks amazing.