Thrift Shopping

 I've been hitting thrift stores a lot recently trying to find pieces to make a garden totem for my friend.  Strangely, I'm having trouble finding the right glass but I've found some really cool stuff.
These brass witch napkin holders were a great find.

 I got 2 cats too.

 I was thrilled to find these for 3.99.  When I make my big cheese and meat platters, I always need small serving pieces and I hate to use my good silver.  These will work perfectly.

 This German bread plate was 99 cents.  It reads:  Give us this day our daily bread.

 A cute log cabin recipe box.

 A heavy glass paper weight.  99 cents.

 I have no idea what I will do with these yet but I got 3 heavy wrought iron oak leaf and acorn brackets for 9.99.

And I found these two apothecary jars.  Pretty cool.


Thrifting yields awesome finds. Looks like you found quite a few. ENJOY!
Ooooo, I love those brackets! I have a thing for wrought iron.
Anonymous said…
Great things You've bought! I do like those iron oak brackets! I'm pretty sure they would have cost a lot more over here.

Have a great day!

Susan said…
I'm with Debra - I'd be on those brackets like white on rice, if my thrift stores ever came up with any. Which they wouldn't. You must have the best thrift stores EVER!
Guillaume said…
I want these witches and the cat.
chickpea678 said…
Wow, you sure can hunt out amazing things!
Rain said…
My gosh you have some amazing thrift stores in your neck of the woods! We rarely find nice things like that, it's mostly all functional stuff for sale! Beautiful witches!!!
It's the little things. You really found some neat stuff. I haven't been out there looking for a long time. Maybe soon... Those apothecary jars are wonderful!!