Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum part 3

 More on this interesting institution.

 This is one of the confinement cribs.

 All of the patients were released in 1994 except for one.  This guy was just too scary to let out!

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I live near the famous Penhurst Institution where the story of the horrible conditions broke on the news and put an end in the US to this type of housing for those with mental impairments. Unfortunately, when it closed, there was no place for some to go. There were some residents who had been almost lifelong residents being put there by their parents because of some problems that were neither mental nor dangerous. Some were there because they were deaf. Today, the empty buildings still remain and a group of entrepreneurs have converted it into a Halloween horror house and make a fortune from the stories and myths of of its tragic past. That is so wrong on so many levels, but tens of thousands visit it every year.
Interesting history. Isn't May Mental Health Month?
The tranquillizing chair and the confinement crib just give me the willies.
Rain said…
These have been a great series of posts Joyce, but yeah, I agree with Debra, the willies. I think it's horrible how people were treated. Of course things are much different today but a lot of the stigma attached to mental health is antiquated unfortunately. I've experienced a lot of judgment over the years and I guess that's one of the reasons why I choose a more solitary existence.
The craziest one of all is not there..
He escaped and is now (so called) running our country!

Oh, and that one that was just too scary to let out?? LOL YOU are funny!!

chickpea678 said…
Can't believe you went again. I get the heebie jeebies over the computer!