Blooms in My Garden

 My garden has lots of things blooming right now.

 The Oakleaf Hydrangeas look pretty next to my Geraniums.

 Teddy always looks pretty.  We should all age so well!

 The pink Impatiens need to catch up to the white ones.


 I'm hoping my gladiolas bloom soon.

 Zinnia blooms last a long time.

 The Clematis growing between the Geraniums.

 Another planter.

 This Clematis plant just keeps on blooming.  It is huge.

 The Candy Corn vine.


 I can't wait for the first red tomato!

 Bay leaves.

 Some herbs.



A riot of colour and beauty!
Susan said…
Teddy is such a beautiful, luxuriant girl. I do envy you your olive tree.... :)
Rain said…
The candy corn vine is so pretty! I've never seen that before!!! Your garden is so gorgeous...and I hope I look as good as Teddy as I age too :)
Linda said…
I was going to get a clematis, but my friend warned me it would die in the winter. However, I found out hers never dies. Yours is beautiful.
All so beautiful! Absolutely! The pictures look like something out of a magazine.
Anonymous said…
Your garden is thriving and is so beautiful! I'm waiting for the rain to start falling here so I don't have to water the pots today :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
How I wish I was a good gardiner, or even an ok one!
i envy your beautiful garden. full of colorful blooms. charming.