I don't take care of my roses and a few years ago my 'New Dawn' roses on the side gate died.  I really like this rose so I bought a new one and planted it with this deep purple Clematis.  This is the first year that they grew high enough to cover the arch over the gate and bloomed together. I love how they compliment each other.
The colors work together nicely and stand out against the house colors.
I plant these each year too.  Candy Corn vines put me in an Autumn mood.
This clematis covers my cistern. 
 The lower gardens are like a jungle right now.

Lily pads cover the upper pond.
The Weeping Beech is huge.
 My fountain is up and running too.


My gawd, your property is lovely.
Rain said…
I agree, your property is gorgeous. I LOVE the arch!
Jamie. said…
Beautiful! Is that plant actually called a candy corn plant?
You have so much area to play with. I think I have only 1/18 of it. Really! I have a very small yard. The roses are so gorgeous with the clematis. Your gardens should be featured in a magazine.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful as always!

Only one of my clematis flower right now, one seems to be dead and the third has just started to grow.

Have a greaT day!

Guillaume said…
Looks gorgeous. My parents have clematis too that climb on the wall of their home.
1st Man said…
Beautiful! I will have to read up on that, might be pretty at the farm, if it grows here of course, ha.
the clematis over the archway is charming, indeed. love your fountain.
Mystica said…
Can you post a close up of the candy corn plant? Never heard of it before.