Early Morning in the Garden

 I found this growing in the garden.  It was so perfect that at first I thought it was a fake mushroom. I wish I knew what kind this is.

 I power washed the stone table.  It looks brand new.

 Teddy in her spot.  My poor pup is slowing down.  She is 12 years old now.

 Day lilies are blooming everywhere.

 This is why I am never planting wisteria anywhere anymore.

 The Green Man.

The view up from the middle pond.
 The lower pond without the big koi. A huge heron dropped by and ate them all.

What's behind these doors?
 A giant horseradish plant!

 And my berry patch.

 The potting shed.

 And my first tomato.

 Here are close ups of the Candy Corn vine that some of you  asked for.

Growing candy corn vines is relatively easy. The first step to growing a Manettia candy corn plant is to install a trellis where you would like your vine to grow. It is best to plant where there is partial to full sun. Dig a hole in front of the trellis about two to three times the size the root base of the plant. Keep it watered and watch the candy corns form.


Ok....what is behind that door???
Valerie said…
Lovely gardens. We had a pool with koi--the fish did well there for nearly 10 years. Then one morning I went to feed them and the whole pool was torn apart. All that was left was one fin from our large golden koi. It broke my heart. I have no idea what nocturnal visitor destroyed our little pond. We filled it in after that.
Anonymous said…
It is always hard to be sure when it cxomes to looking at photos but that mushroom does look like a white toadstool, what ever You do don't eat it :-)

My tomato plants don't even have any flowers yet, my fault, they had a too toiugh time by my windows with too littlöe water I'm afraid.

Your garden look as wonderful as ever!

The photo of the creek with the view from the middle pond is just magical!

Have a great day!
Susan said…
Thank you for the reminder on the horseradish! I need to harvest some tomorrow, before the instant summer is upon us! As always, I would love to lose myself in your beautiful garden. Love to Teddy.
Linda said…
I did not plant wisteria, just allowed it to move in. I regret it. It is tearing down a fence, has runners across the yard that caused a horrific fall for me--broke my nose, caused so much teeth damage that I must have full braces for two years, and after I have the CAT scan will know the damage to head. I went from love to hate over night. Now, I have to pay someone to get it out since I cannot even bend to cut the runners and poison.

The door is so mysterious!
Beautiful pictures! I love that Candy Corn Vine. On the topic of Wisteria, I will never ever plant one in my garden again. It ate my fence. Literally. Yes, it did. I'll show pictures next week.
Nellie said…
You've such a beautiful garden! Goodness! Didn't know Teddy was 12! I was in the Green Tree area the last week in April for a conference. Had very little - if any - free time. Perhaps another time we might be able to arrange to meet - if I ever return.:-)
Well, so much for the romanticism of a "wisteria-covered cottage" -- who knew it was such a pest? And, on another topic, one more game to the Cup!
Guillaume said…
I love the Green Man. every bit of your garden really, but especially the Green Man. In a platonic, heterosexual way of course.
love the candy corn trellis. perfect compliment to the garden.
chickpea678 said…
Oh no! The koi!!!
1st Man said…
I heart your garden doors! Oh who am I kidding I heart all of your gardens, the whole thing is just magical!!