I suddenly had a desire to plant geraniums.  I don't know where this came from. I was studying my back garden the other day when it hit me.  My gardens need geraniums.

 Then I realized my front steps needed red geraniums.  A splash of color for sure. Maybe it's the 4th of July inspiring me.  Geraniums just seem to go with the 4th.

 In the back I am going with pinks and whites around the cistern.

 I just need to pot them today.

 They will look pretty with the stonework in the background.

And look, the Oakleaf Hydrangeas are turning pink already.  Autumn can't be too far off now.
 I actually had trouble finding geraniums.  Most places were sold out already.

 I bought some roses and daisies too.

I am going to replant a couple of these lackluster beds.

 My constant helper.  She loves it when I work outside.  I tell her we are going to do work and she runs out the back door.  Then she lays down and falls to sleep while I work.

 Hydrangeas are blooming.

 More clematis on the back gate.

 This is blooming by the pool.

I'm waiting for my gladiolas to bloom too.  I've planted a lot of Zinnias recently.  I've never had much color in my gardens but this Summer that will change.  I've got to get everything planted because tropical storm Cindy is on the way!


Geraniums are my fave! My Rare One always has several pots of red geraniums on her front step too plus around the yard. They are so cheerful! And hardy, blooming well for months.
I love geraniums, they are a happy sort of plant. Scented geraniums are so much fun to have in their garden. Your gardens look beautiful, it's always changing and always showing itself off.
Anonymous said…
Geraniums or pelargoniums aswe call them are the most popular flower here in Sweden. The most liked are the common red, at least it was when I sold them. I bought a couple last Friday too but I see I need more but I'll have to do with what color is left by now I think :-)

I've planted some gladiolas too but they only show leafs yet, I did plant them in time but forgot to pick them up from the cool cellar :-)

I wish my dogs also just slept while I worked but they insist on helping and not always in the best way :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Mary said…
You never notice you miss geraniums until suddenly everyone has them. I agree they are had to find after memorial Day. You seems to have fulfilled your yearning though. Mine are in an old chair on front porch. I have a cat she loves to watch anyone working outside. She finds a shady spot and settles down to supervise!
Susan said…
I over-winter as many as I can just so I don't ever run out. They look so pretty going up your front seat steps!
OH. MY. GODDESS!! Joyce, you are blessed with a secret fairy garden. Just for fun, you should set up a door on one of the trees and put in a tiny garden around it. It would be so whimsical. Teddy knows where the coolest flagstones are, I'm sure. Lucy is the same way with me. I let her know I'm going out to water the courtyard flowers and plants and she dashes out the door.
Your pictures of the Oakleaf Hydrangea and Geraniums are out of this world. You, my dear, have a magical "Secret Garden" just like in the story.
Cottage Tails said…
mm you have inspired me. Red geraniums up our steps too. As always love the garden photos. (and Teddy too)
Anonymous said…
Teddy is somewhat like our cats. They too love to go outside and work in the yards. But they play and romp. Then when I go inside, they come too, or they crawl into cool hidey-holes and sleep the rest of the day away. Especially when it's 108 degrees like this week's days.
HappyCrone said…
as a crazy old witch, I always have red geraniums on my front steps. I don't know why, exactly, just 'feels' right
teddy is such a sweetheart going outside with you to help. love the geraniums on your front porch. perfectly placed.
Rue said…
I've only been a fan of geraniums in the past ten years - I hated them before that. I think it might of had something to do with the folklore of red geraniums around the house meaning a witch was in residence. Ha! I have them at the front door too. Might as well embrace the folklore.