Grilled Indonesian Spatchcocked Cornish Game Hens

Occasionally I am making Indonesian food for The Blog Tech and his wife since they are still in withdrawal from Bali.  Yesterday I made them this meal.
Spatchcocking is preparing poultry by removing the spine and flattening the bird with all of it's meat and skin facing up. 

 I made an Indonesian marinate using lots of herbs and spices.

 You smear it on the birds and then refrigerate them for up to a day.

 I think they have the best flavor when done over hardwood charcoal.  It's the only charcoal I use because I can't stand the taste of the chemicals in the other stuff.

 I served it to them with sticky rice topped with ramp butter and Asian pickles.

I also grilled some kale and green onions to go with it.  The best part is the sticky Indonesian dipping sauce filled with chilies and garlic to dip the chicken in.


Susan said…
Once I discovered spatchcocking, I never looked back. It is the only way I grill chicken. I love the Thai spices - I bet that was heavenly!
What an odd word, spatchcocking.
looks like comfort food to my envious eyes.
Kay said…
It amazes me no end that you can cook such incredible international food.