Oakleaf Hydrandeas

 My Oakleaf Hydrangeas have bloomed.  In about 3 weeks they will start to turn pink which is a sure sign that the Summer Solstice is past and Fall is on the way.

 All of the Daylilies are blooming but not a bee to be seen.  I've never seen so few bees before.  Even the carpenter bees which were very busy in early spring are no where to be seen.

 Olives....I might get enough to brine this year.

 My celery is thriving in the container.

 I've lost a few apples but the ones remaining are growing nicely.

 No zucchini yet.  I've been self pollinating so I am hopeful.

 I've never had this many clematis on this plant before.  In general I have more blooms on everything this year.

We have been in the 90's for a week with high humidity.  At least we've been getting rain.


Gorgeous! Lucky you, we have started our drought season. We are in the 100's with medium to high humidity. I'm hoping for a good hurricane season so we can at least get something.
The JR said…
We picked our 1st 2 zucchini yesterday. And several yellow squash.
If you brine the olives, please share how you do it and how they turn out.

Rain said…
That's one thing I forgot this year, was celery. I'm glad to see they do well in containers though. You know, I've seen maybe one or two bees around the lilac tree this year and that's it. There were more last summer too. I did plant a bunch of pollinator flower mixes, but they are only just starting to pop up now. I can't believe that Midsummer is almost here, it's going too quickly again!!! Thanks again for the hamburger bun recipe, we absolutely loved them!
Guillaume said…
Your pictures make me love summertime as if I was a child again.
beautiful blooms.
Susan said…
I have always had a hard time growing celery. But, I keep trying. Your oak leaf hydrangea is so lovely - it helps to have something beautiful to look at while we steam away in the tropics of the Northeast.
I am always amazed at how lush and green everything is there. We fight to keep off the 101 degree heat from burning everything here to a crisp. We don't have the humidity here with the high heat..but it's going to hit us hard here this week and I am going to be struggling to keep things alive. Hanging plants are sitting ducks as it's so dry here that they hardly make it through the day. Mine are always in full shade and even then they wilt and droop. :)