Roses and Daisies

 We rushed our planting to get everything in before Tropical Storm Cindy arrived.  As it ended up, she arrived much later than predicted but still in time to water everything.

 I planted the beds with Knockout Roses, Daisies and some Impatiens.

 They will add the little bit of color my garden sorely needs.

Remember this bed I showed yesterday?
 Here it is now.

 It will be so pretty when it fills in.

 A grumpy chow.  She is not thrilled with this storm.

 My vegetables are going a bit crazy this year.

 And I finally have a zucchini!

 Here is a better pic of the front.

 Yesterday's pics had uneven sunlight shadowing them.

 I also potted the Geraniums for the cistern.

 If you look closely you can see the cistern running.

It recycles rain water that runs off of the garage roof.

 Here it is from my kitchen window.


That is one FINE looking zucchini. And congrats -- where there's one, there will be a million!
Susan said…
You are definitely ahead of us, garden-wise. We should be getting nicked by Cindy late today and into tomorrow morning. Your garden looks so beautiful! No wonder you spend so much time in the kitchen - with that view, I'd never leave!
Anonymous said…
I had to check what Knock out roses are and they looke very beautiful. I have mostly wild roses in my garden, no matter what I do they'll survive and thrive :-)

I don't grow anything else than tomatoes this year, I failed rather badly with most other things last summer, even the zucchinis :-)

I ordered some more geraniums online today, they didn't have any red ones left so instead I bought something called angel geraniums in white and purple.

Have a great day!


Leanna said…
When I saw the pic of your front entrance I thought of an idea for September decorating. Keep the geraniums and place a few tiny pumpkins on the steps next to the pots. The red with the orange or even white pumpkins would look fabulous.
what a lovely view you have from your kitchen. everything is beautiful out there. the pup doesn't have to get her paws wet. the rain will stop soon.
Guillaume said…
Gorgeous pictures as usual.