Sunrise pouring through my front door.

 It makes crazy designs on my wall.

 Tree peony pods. I always think they look like jester hats.

 I think this Fall is time for me to split hostas.  All of them are huge.

The Astilbe are blooming.

 A nice gate until you have to paint it.

Morning in my front garden.


Those hostas are magnificent!
Linda said…
I had at least a dozen spectacular hostas, none of which came back. Well, one did but is tiny. I cannot imagine what happened. I love your hosta.
Susan said…
I was just wondering when would be a good time to split hostas! Mine are huge this year and I'd like to spread them around. I love the sun coming through your front door. It's magical!
Rain said…
How lovely to wake up to that! I wish we had more hostas. There were some growing wild in the garden and we transplanted them, they'll beautiful plants.
Mary said…
Good luck dividing your hostas...I tried one year and hurt strength anymore I guess. I just let them go and cut the leaves, they actually look nice in vases in the house.
Anonymous said…
Sunrise, the best part of the day!

We paint a lot of those gates at work but they do need a long time in the oven so they paint doesn't crack and fall off during winter.

I guess You already knows that the easiest way to splkit hostas is to use two pitch forks but one can come far with an ax too :-)

Have a great day!

love your door and gate. and the view is beautiful.