A Trip to the Country

 The Blog Tech's wife is out of town this weekend for work so yesterday he and I headed out on one of our road trips.  We wanted to find lots of local food so we headed towards Lake Erie on back roads.  We saw wonderful flower beds in all of the small towns.

 We came upon a small market place in one little village.

 I like the concept of this place.  Locals bring in their art work, baking, knitting, canned goods, honey and produce and fruit they grow and make themselves.  They don't have to be there to sell it themselves. There are only a couple people who work there to help you.  It's very self sufficient.

 We stopped at endless roadside markets and bought lots of stuff.

 As I was driving through one town I spotted a giant bronze acorn.

 I love acorns.

 How I would love to have one of these in my garden!

 The historical house was wonderful too.

 We stopped by the lake to eat some perch and whiting for lunch.
 Then we drove along the lake for a while.

 You know you are in Trump country when even the gas stations have Jesus signs.

 It's corn country too.  It's hard to imagine what is done with all of the corn.  We drove for hours and corn was beside us the entire time.

 Suddenly we spotted this.

 A bit bizarre to see in the middle of nowhere.

 But not bizarre enough for The Blog Tech.

Every since he was a little boy, he has loved shaved ice.  He chose black raspberry.
And now he looks like Teddy.


Connie said…
What a nice little adventure . . . I love country back-road drives :)
Linda said…
I love finding oddities on country drives. I pick shaved ice that leaves my tongue red!
Anonymous said…
What a great trip!

I really wish we had a market like that here but I guess they have made the rules so complicated when it comes to sell food that no one can follow them. Authorities here has a tendency to kill anything that could make the countryside live I'm afraid.

Have a great day!

Colleen Gander said…
Bon Homme de Canrnivale immediately came to mind and then I was confused because it is so hot everywhere. Hope the treat was cooling.
Guillaume said…
Like Colleen Gander the snowman reminded me of the Bonhomme Carnaval of Quebec City. great pictures and you make me want to go on a road trip. And is this fish and chips on the lunch picture?
chuckled over the blog tech's shaved ice tongue. love the giant acorn too. maybe you could inquire on who made it. and have a duplicate made for your garden. love lake erie.
First of all, that shaved ice stand is ripping off Quebec City's Bonhomme Carnivale. Where's a trademark lawyer when you need one?

And second of all, get a forklift, a half ton truck, a moonless night and that giant acorn can be yours!