A Wreath and a Lesson Learned

I hardly ever buy decorations but rather choose to make them myself.  Just before the 4TH of July, I decided I wanted a green wreath as a backdrop to the red geraniums I placed on my front porch.  I'd never made one before and decided to look online to see what was available.  I was really busy and had no supplies at home to make one so I took the easy, though expensive, way out and ordered this one. I was less than thrilled when it showed up.  It's okay, but for almost 150.00, I expected a lot more.  When my daughter saw it, she decided she wanted one for her door.  No way was I ordering another.  I decided to amortize my investment in the first wreath by chalking it up as a wreath making lesson that will save me lots of money in the future.  I went to craft stores yesterday and bought 70% off greenery, stopped at a thrift store and bought an old funky wreath for 1.00, ripped off the old flowers and plugged in my glue gun.
 For about 10.00, I made her this one.

 It's hard to tell from these pics but the one I made is bigger, heavier and so much better made.  Lesson learned.  I should always try to make it first on my own. I am going back to the thrift and craft stores today to buy more sale stuff and then I will make wreathes for all of my friends.  Amortization is a good thing.

 I bought this t-shirt for The Blog Tech.

 Because it's so true!


Jim said…
Lesson learned! You are so talented!
Sid is 'home' this week here in Cole Harbour/Halifax. He is in the Natal/Birth Day parade in August....along with Stanley....the Cup!! lol
Rain said…
I think your wreath looks amazing! :) Yeah, that is a lesson learned...things are so expensive now and the quality isn't always what we expect, that's for sure.
You are just to good. So talented.
Anonymous said…
It's always difficult to know what things really look like when buying online. The one You made look much better!

Have a great day!

Linda said…
After I looked at grape vine wreaths in the store, I found them too expensive. Since I had grape vines that escaped into the trees, I pulled them down and made my own. As it turned out, mine were better by a long shot. For $150, I would expect perfection. Sometimes, lessons about quality and cost are expensive. You did a great job.
Susan said…
Yours is SO MUCH nicer! Sometimes it's hard to squeeze in another thing to do, but it really does pay off, doesn't it?
homemade is so much better.