Cranberry Orange Shortbread

 The girls are out.  It's that time of year,  The Fall preparations have begun.
 You might think I am practicing for Xmas already by making all of this shortbread.  Actually, shortbreads are one of the quickest desserts to make so really, I am just very busy these days.

The recipe:

  • 1 1/2 cups salted butter softened, 3 sticks
  • 1 cup confectioners sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla 
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour  
  • zest of 1 orange
  • 3 T. diced dried cranberries
  1. Preheat oven to 325 F degrees.
  2. Blend butter until smooth in a large bowl using an electric mixer set at medium speed. Slowly blend in the icing sugar and vanilla. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and combine thoroughly. Add flour and mix at low speed until well blended.
  3. Pat dough into a greased 10X13 pan.  Score the dough.  Sprinkle with sanding sugar, pressing it into the dough.
  4. Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until slightly golden around the edges. Do not let it get brown. Remove from oven and let them cool.  Cut them along the scored lines.
I sent a bunch of these to work with my daugher.

The rest of them were left on a plate for my husband.

This morning, the plate was empty.  Some people have no self control.


Anonymous said…
These look yummy!

Orange and cranberry, I guess I could have lingonberries instead because that's way more common here. This is also a must try.

Have a great day!

babs said…
Orange zest? How much....cranberries?
jaz@octoberfarm said…
orange zest is the finely grated part of the orange rind. i diced a few tablespoons of dried cranberries.
Linda said…
I absolutely love orange cranberry goat cheese, so this sounds yummy!
Guillaume said…
Oh I LOVE these witches! I am getting into an autumnal mood too, and a Halloween mood. It feels like autumn is coming these days, with much cooler temperatures. Shortbread is not my favourite dessert, but I enjoy it with tea.
Rain said…
LOL...I have zero self-control when it comes to shortbread!!! That's why I only make them once a year!!! Love the girls!!! :)
Susan said…
How in the world is someone supposed to resist a plate of shortbread???
nobody has self control with shortbreads are around. yummy.