Flowers for the Florist

 The Blog Tech and his wife wanted to throw a surprise birthday party Monday night for their friend that is a florist.  He did the flowers for their wedding. They were busy cooking for their 4th of July party which was the next night so I made all of the food for the birthday party.  I wanted to bake a special cake for the florist and I noticed that my hydrangeas were blooming in different colors so I thought I would duplicate them in cakes.  I served them on a platter surrounded with real ones from my garden. Click to enlarge any pic.

 It was a bad day for buttercream but they turned out okay.

 I used a basic vanilla cake recipe, split the batter and colored it using gel colors.

 I baked them in mini springform pans.  You just add spoonfuls of the different colors of batter.

 Then swirl them together.

 Bake them.

 Cool them on a rack.

 Split them and brush with a simple syrup, raspberry jam and buttercream.

 Cover them with white buttercream.

Then you color the remaining buttercream in different colors and pipe small flowers all over the cakes.  Of course, I missed a few pics but it was hot and buttercream is fussy!  I was working fast.
The inside.  Not only are these cakes pretty, they are delicious too.  My husband said they are the best cakes he has ever eaten and that man loves his cakes!


Linda said…
How clever! I will have to remember this. I have a friend that is a wedding designer and handles flowers many hours a week for his business. He would appreciate this.
So pretty! I bet the florist loved them!
Susan said…
You know, I would bail on my GF diet for one of those are quite amazing.
That was AWESOME!! Hydrangea mini cakes. and multi colored swirls in the batter. That was a great idea. Joyce, you are one talented woman!
Anonymous said…
Those cakes are just amazing!

Have a great day!

Rain said…
Joyce you're so amazing. I would never have the patience to decorate the cakes the way you have, such intricate work! I bet they were delicious! Good job, you must feel lots of pride in your cooking and baking! Very inspirational. :)
Cottage Tails said…
absolutely awesome. LOVE IT!
Guillaume said…
These flowers look good enough to eat. In fact, they look so good that I'd feel guilty eating them.
Almost too pretty to eat, but I bet they were yummy.
too pretty to eat. but that buttercreme is irresistable.
Mystica said…
I wish I could meet you one day to just congratulate you on your versatility. If you are ever visiting my part of the world, please let me know!
Blogoratti said…
How creative, well done to you. Greetings!
Mary said…
I only have one thing to say...Amazing!