Southern Pimento Cheese Spread

I am really busy cooking for a big party but I thought I would post this recipe in case anyone is looking for an easy, delicious appetizer for the 4th of July.
 This comes together in just minutes and then should be refrigerted for several hours before serving.

Using the paddle on your mixer, mix:

2-8oz. bars of cream cheese
4 C. shredded cheddar cheese
2/3 C. mayonaisse
2 tsp. seasoned salt
1 tsp. black pepper
1 grated onion
2 tsp. granulated garlic
1 tsp. salt
2 small jars of pimentos (8 tablespoons)

 This can be served with vegetables, crackers or pretzels.  In the south, they spread it on white bread to make sandwiches. It has tons of flavor.

This is what the pimentos look like.


You have answered my dilemma of what to bring to a 4th of July picnic. This sounds delicious and I hope mine comes out as well as hours.
Anonymous said…
This looks delicious!

Have a great day!

I've only ever seen pimentos in green olives so thanks for the shot of a jar full of them -- learn something new every day!
Rain said…
I love this stuff Joyce...but never thought of making it. I used to buy the Philly Pimento Whipped stuff, I'm sure yours is much better!!!
Linda said…
When I went to NY and visited mil for first time, I decided to make pimiento and cheese. My mil said, "You can make it?" She said she had only ever had it in the little jars and had never known she could actually make it herself. I only put cheese, pimientos, Miracle Whip, and a dash of salt. But, that is what I grew up eating. I have the last of 10 lbs of shredded cheese in the refrigerator and am going to make pimiento and cheese before the weekend is over.
Guillaume said…
Looks delicious.
Alicia Foodycat said…
I've made pimento cheese before, following recipes, but I can never be sure that it's *right* because I have never had it made by anyone else. But I love it. How can spicy cheese be wrong?
Looks delicious.