The Party

I didn't have a 4th of July party this year, The Blog Tech and his wife did. They made all of the food for their party following recipes on my blog.  I, however, cooked for a birthday party they threw for a friend the day before the 4th. 
 I made this Indian onion relish which was served with pappadums.  This is delicious and a bit different on an appetizer buffet.

 Rosemary and sea salt focaccias.

 Pappadums and French bread.

 Garlic butter knots.

 These disappear quickly.

 I boiled these baby new potatoes in salted water with bay leaves and sage.  They were served on the vegetable platter.

 A fruit tray with pineapple chunks sprinkled with lemon balm.

 A humongous meat platter with pate'.

 The vegetable platter with pickled red onions and the empty bowl was filled with homemade ranch dip just before the guests arrived.  Click on any pic for a closer look.

 Scotch eggs served with my favorite hot sauce.

 A basket filled with the breads and assorted crackers.

This ended up being a fresh vegetable pesto pasta salad which I forgot to photograph. All of this was served with the pickled condiments I showed the other day.  I made a very special dessert which I will post tomorrow.


What a beautiful and delicious looking spread of food.
carol pavlik said…
Speechless. Ok maybe not. Elegant, mouth watering. Lucky guests.
OMG!! SOOOO yummy. I'm jealous of this spread you made.
Scotch eggs!!! Was this party for John Gray of "Going Gently," LOL? Everything looks fab and delicious, as usual.

I tried a new recipe this weekend for a rhubarb, strawberry and apple crisp. It was a DISASTER! But at least it still was basically edible, so we choked it down with copious quantities of vanilla ice cream.
Susan said…
What a feast! Oh, those Scotch eggs... I have found a recipe for falafel 'Scotch' eggs that I love almost as much. Almost. I hope you got some time off over the Fourth!
Linda said…
Everything looks so sumptuous! I need to try Scotch eggs. Have you posted the recipe?
jaz@octoberfarm said…
just type scotch eggs into my search bar.
Guillaume said…
You sure know how to party and make a feast.
1st Man said…
You leave me speechless. If we lived closer I'd pay you whatever you wanted to cater our parties. I don't know how you do it. It's like a staff of 20 people worked on it. Awesome. And now I'm off to search your blog for the Scotch eggs, I've never tried them and have wanted to since John started talking about them. :-)
Rain said…
Everything looks sooo good!!! I thought my Canada Day appetizers were hard work lol...Scotch Eggs...that is something I've wanted to make for a long time, thanks for putting the idea back into my head! :) I love how your presented the bread! Very nice! :)
what a spread. everything looks scrumptious. pArty on.