The Summer Garden

There is a lot happening in my gardens right now.
Eggplants are growing and still setting blossoms.

 Lots of green tomatoes.


 Snap peas

 Will my Hollyhock bloom?

 Begonias so red they are hard to photograph.

 I started these from seeds from last summers plants.

 Zinnias also started from seed.

 Happy daisies.


 Oakleaf hydrangea

 Even my thyme is blooming.

A single white clematis bloomed on my purple plant.


Linda said…
I love all the flower pictures!
What a charming display of flowers. colorful and beautiful.
Anonymous said…
I haven't had zinnias in many years but seeing Yours made me want them again. Everything is a bit late here so I do wish my tomatoes had come as far as Yours by now but at least I do have flowers on them :-)

Have a great day!

It is just what I thought a beautiful English garden would look like.
So beautiful! I just love your gardens.
Guillaume said…
Such a lovely garden!
Connie said…
Absolutely stunning . . . I could sit in this garden for hours, days even . . .it's amazing. You should be proud, gardens this pretty take a lot of work and love:)
Kay said…
You are an incredible gardener! Everything is growing so beautifully.