My first ripe tomato!  This year my tomato plants are very tall with few tomatoes. I finally topped them and am hoping they will eproduce more fruit.

 It's a great year for basil though.  I've planted it everywhere and have been propagating it so I have tons of it.  It has to be pesto making time soon.

 It's a good year for peppers too.  Hot sauce making time.

 I went around the garden in the spring and pushed Nasturtium seeds in all of my pots and they have grown like crazy. This one is from one seed.

 One of our daily trips for a drink from the pond.

She might not see or hear too well anymore but her nose still works.  She stood like this for a good 5 minutes with her nose twitching in every direction. She can still smell a 'bad kitty' from a mile away.


I have just now in my life discovered the joy of a tomato sandwich. So I applaud your first ripe tomato.
PS) Teddy is a smart one to keep those bad kitties at a distance. Less trouble.
Linda said…
Do you eat the nasturtiums? I only know one thing that would make tomato plants grow lots of greenery and little fruit. It seems some fertilizer in the Miracle Gro line is not conducive to growing fruit. That is all I know. I don't know the properties of the wrong or right fertilizer. I do know that the one that says "tomato" on it is the right one for tomatoes.
Linda said…
Chickens also like nasturtiums.
I just pulled the first red tomato off My Rare One's plant this weekend too!
Susan said…
Those bad kitties are stinkers, all right. :) My tomato plants are not as tall as last year. As a matter of fact, everything seems a little stunted this year. Love nasturtiums!
ahahaahahaaa! I was thinking the same thing. She smells "bad kitty,"
I have at least a few flowers on my tomato plants now :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Rain said…
Aww...Teddy is so sweet. :) I had a pug who passed away in 2014, had him since he was 2 months old and he lived to 19 years. He was blind and deaf but his sniffer worked too! Whenever I wanted his attention, I'd blow in his direction and he knew I was there. Our pets are quite adaptable, more so than us I think!

And I'm JEALOUS of your peppers and basil! I got bupkis this year!!! Though my tomatoes are starting to flower now! I think the key to my climate is starting all of my plants indoors...don't know how I'll manage the spacing requirements...but I'll find a way! :)
Guillaume said…
You say tomato and I say tomato... Great pics as usual.
I got my first tomato a couple of weeks ago. It's name is 4th of July and one ripened on the first. There are quite a few on the vines, but they are all green. I have 13 plants which all have black spot disease so I don't have much hope for an over-abundance to help stock the food bank. I hope others have better luck.
Jim said…
Oh yes, those 'bad kitties' have to be watched/smelled!!
Fresh pesto....nothing better!
Kay said…
I hadn't thought about growing tomatoes in a pot. Hmmmm....
This sounds like a fun idea.