An Empty Space

 Teddy gets her morning pills with Limberger cheese.  For this dog; the stinkier, the better!

 We had to remove everything from the patio area to make room to take the dead tree down.

 You don't realize how much there is until you start taking it out.

 It looks like a whole new area. I won't be putting nearly as much back when the project is over.

 The rest of the garden is cluttered with it all now.

 Teddy waits patiently for the workers to arrive.

I am sure she will try to remove the back door while they are here doing the work.


Blogoratti said…
All the best with that tree, as Teddy looks comfortable waiting on. Greetings.
Susan said…
Teddy seems to have more than her share of personality, doesn't she? Your garden is a lovely spot - I love the stone table and benches.
Anonymous said…
There's always so much more things that has to be removed than one thinks :-)

Too bad about that treeand I hope You can find something else to put there!

Have a great day!

I can just imagine Teddy's breath after the cheese. It's funny how much you can accumulate when you have to move. I really try not to be a garden pack rat but it's so hard.
Rain said…
I agree that your garden is very lovely Joyce! I always giggle when I read about Limberger's always used in old comedies as a weapon, but I think I'd love to taste it, the stinkier the better for me too! :)
Linda said…
You moved the stone table? I guess not. I thought the area looked good with all the stuff you had. Your whole place that you have shown us looks packed with something even if it is plants. I like the look very much.
Guillaume said…
I agree with Teddy about the cheese: the stinkier it is the better it is.
Teddy will keep you apprised of how the workmen's progress, i'm sure.