The dead tree is gone.  On the flip side, I have lots of firewood for Fall.

 I feel like someone pulled out my front teeth.  It's a good 8 foot elevation to get the new trees up there to plant.  Not to mention the mass of roots that have to be cut away before they are planted.  Now the heavy duty work begins.

Teddy is supervising the job.


Susan said…
That is some gap - it does make you feel exposed, doesn't it? Good thing Teddy is on the job - she won't put up with any crap. Getting those roots out will be a heck of a job!
Connie said…
We have a couple of old trees that we need to cut, too . . . I always think it is a shame to cut a poor old tree, but sometimes it is a necessity.
Anonymous said…
It is amazing how much space a tree takes, it doesn't feel like it when they are there, not even when they are dead like this one was.

I need to take down at least two trees too because they are sick and won't recover, Those places will be so bright when they are gone :-)

Have a great day!

Our puppies are always the job supervisors. No matter if it's indoors or out. They watch over the workers. My Lucy has become my shadow since Pebbles died. She is by my side all day long and at 8 pm she goes into the TV room and sleeps until I get up the next morning. I think she's supervising me.
I have lots of work for David this weekend. He needs to cut some branches from the pecan tree that are hanging too low over the street and cut the grass that went crazy because of the storms we had this past week.
Cottage Tails said…
you will feel its emptiness for quite some time until the new trees grow

Guillaume said…
Lots of firewood is good. Great even.
firewood and plenty of it is a good thing. teddy will monitor planting the new trees. and though it'll be hard work, in the end it will be worth your efforts.